53% of the total global population is active on social media

Social Media Optimization

Much like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization involves strategically creating and generating engaging content on social media to grow your company’s online presence.

Investing in social media optimization is a great business strategy as it improves your brand awareness, also giving you a platform to listen to your customers and observe your competitors. While sharable content helps with SEO, it also increases your reach every time your content is shared with wider audience and their networks. Social media is a great way to analyze how your target audience associates with your brand and identify brand ambassadors.

Social Media Optimization

Think it’s enough to just be present on social media? NO MORE!

Just setting up a profile on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be where your customers are is not enough! We help you optimize your social media channels so it strengthens your brand, generates more leads, connects with your audience and gets you more visibility online. It might not be necessary to be present on every site. We choose the right platforms for your audience. We also believe that charity begins at home! We create an organized employee advocacy program to encourage employees to spread the word. We not only create visual content for you but also ensure they are rightly tagged and titled to maximize your reach. At ERM, we begin with analyzing your audience, running a competitive analysis and building a strategy that our experts execute. We periodically revisit the strategy and based on the results, we make relevant adjustments.

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