The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide.


Ads & Promotions

Marketing has always been about being where your customers are. With 4.6 billion active internet users worldwide (59.5% of the total population), it is no surprise that the marketers are meeting their customers where they are- online!

If you wish to catch your consumers as they hop from one channel to other, as they research about products/services before making the purchase, digital ads and promotions have a lot to offer! They allow you to adopt a multi-platform strategy where your consumer can consume the content as they like while also keeping the advertising targeted at all times. Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and SEO, PPC campaigns can help segment your target audience basis demographics, interests, location and deliver the message accordingly.

How do you decide which one works for you? Enter Endless Revenue Marketing!

Facebook Ads, PPC Ads, Banner Ads, AdWords Ads, Flash Ads, Google Display Ads- the channels and options are plenty! However, every element of an advertisement including design, channel, and messaging- has to be well thought through. At Endless Revenue Marketing (ERM), we pay attention to every small detail and adopt tactics that get your company the digital advertising results you’re looking for. We conduct through research and strategize which channels to adopt and which ones to drop so you spend wisely. It helps provide the right content on the right platform for your target audience. We also believe in an integrated approach. Rather than running stand-alone campaigns, we align and integrate all marketing channels to drive the best return-on-investment possible.

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