Appalachian Caverns

Appalachian Caverns

You’re missing out a lot if you’ve never visited the Appalachian Caverns near Blountville, Tennessee. It is located at 420 Cave Hill Rd. The Caverns is a subterranean attraction with a history dating back over 1300 years. The caverns were used by Native Americans for refuge and storage.

However, prior to becoming a popular tourist destination, the cave had been used as a rubbish dump for decades. As a result, it wasn’t in the best of shape. Nonetheless, it is a must-see site in Blountville, Tennessee, due to its distinctive beauty. Appalachian Caverns has something for everyone!

There are caves, a campground, a gem mine, and a gift store at this attraction. The cave’s paved, illuminated passageways, domed chambers, and old Underground River are also worth seeing. The caverns are a stunning natural wonder that were carved out of the earth’s hard core between 200 and 400 million years ago. It has thousands of years of geologic history. Many stunning natural formations can be found in the cave: colored speleothems, calcium deposits containing iron, copper, and manganese, abound. Cave pearls have also been discovered in the caverns. At Appalachian Caverns, you’ll undoubtedly be amazed! 

The Appalachian Caverns is a fantastic site to visit if you want to enjoy the underground world of this historic location. You can learn about the caverns’ intriguing history with the help of an experienced investigator or a tour guide. For the kids, there’s even a cave tour! You’ll want to go to the cave after seeing it and hearing all the stories.

The caverns can be hazardous despite the pleasant ambiance, so carry enough cash to cover your expenses. To explore this cave, purchase tickets online and learn more about the area. A gift shop, campground, and picnic area are also available at the caverns. People with impairments can also visit now. 

The cave is open throughout the year. This tour, which takes place every Friday from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., is not to be missed. Discover what this destination is all about with guided tours, campgrounds, and a gem mine!

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