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Why CTAs Are The Answer

Why CTAs Are The Answer

Are you looking to increase your conversion rate and your profitability? Any time individuals interact with your brand, whether it be through your website, your mobile app, or your advertisements, there should be a clear call to action (CTA). A call to action is an actionable step that you want all potential customers who use your website or app to take. 
While ultimately you want your consumers to make a purchase or enlist your services, a call to action can be used to encourage users to do anything from subscribing to an email list, downloading a document, or viewing another one of your web pages.

Why Include a CTA? CTAs have been proven to increase conversions and click-through rates. Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase your click-through rate by 285%, and CTAs can increase conversion rates by as much as 121%. This boost in conversions is one of the many reasons why calls to action are so important. Here are some reasons why CTAs provide such strong results when it comes to conversions and revenue:

CTAs Guide Consumers Toward Your Desired Action CTAs are the key to increasing conversions because they lead your potential customers exactly where you want them to go. In many ways, your call to action is a bridge between a lead or your customer’s initial interest in your products or services and a conversion. Someone who visits your site because they are looking for a specific product will see your CTA buttons asking them to sign up for a subscription, watch a video, or browse your products, providing them with a direct and easy way to take those steps.
CTAs are important because they help consumers find their desired content or information, increasing the likelihood of a conversion. Without a call to action, when users visit your website, they will have to navigate the site on their own and try to figure out how to get the information they need. This could lead to an increased bounce rate. When you provide a clear call to action with keywords that your users will understand, you will be able to guide them to the content they want and prevent them from leaving your site without responding in any way or taking any action.

CTAs Increase Advertising Conversion Rate A call to action can help you gain conversions from your advertisements and campaigns. When customers click a link on an advertisement or email campaign, they should be faced with a call to action. This call to action should persuade them to take some sort of step, which will lead to a higher conversion rate.
Companies should prioritize their CTAs because they encourage consumers to take steps they might not otherwise have considered. Many of your email subscribers probably did not click on your website with the intention of subscribing to your email list or newsletter. If they first visited your site because of a social media post or advertisement, they may not have even thought about signing up for your email list until they saw your call to action asking them to do so.
Consumers who visit your website after seeing an advertisement for your company might be persuaded to make a purchase if they see a “Try It Now” call to action button. Those conversions would not be possible without a specific call to action on your website.

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