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Why Animated Logos Are Great For Businesses

One of the most important aspects to consider when developing your brand is your company’s animated logo. Everything from the color choice to your logo’s placement can influence your brand recognition and the associations consumers make with your brand. Your website visitors and customers will remember your logo when they think of your brand, and your logo will be used with every single tool or channel that you use for marketing. Therefore, it is crucial for you to develop a memorable logo that will stand out to your consumers.
If you are designing a new logo for your company, you should consider using an animated logo. Animated logos incorporate more features than just a simple design and color scheme, which will help your customers remember it long after their initial interactions with your brand. Incorporating an animated logo on your website and other online channels will help you improve consumer engagement and brand perception, increase your brand awareness, and present your brand consistently.

Consumer Engagement Because animated logos incorporate movement and attention-grabbing visuals, your website visitors will spend more time looking at your logo if you use an animated logo rather than a static one. The longer people spend looking at and interacting with your logo, the more likely they will be to recall your brand when they are ready to make a purchase in the future. Potential customers will not only remember your brand. Because they are engaged when they look at your logo, they will also have more positive associations with your brand.

Brand Perception Just the fact that you have an animated logo will put your brand far ahead of your competitors. When people see your logo, they will know that your company believes in staying on the cutting edge and making innovative changes to reach out to their target audience. Taking this step sets you apart from other brands and shows your customers and viewers that you care about providing them with a positive customer experience.
Animated logos are great for business because they have the potential to help your brand make an emotional connection with your visitors. Everything from colors to sounds can have a major impact on your viewers’ perception of your company. For instance, logos that use a lot of red make customers feel like the company is high-energy, and green logos immediately give off the impression that your company is environmentally friendly.
People can make subconscious judgements about companies within as little as 90 seconds of viewing or interacting with the brand. Think of the way you want your viewers to see your business so you can make your logo engaging and choose colors, animations, and other elements that will encourage your viewers to make positive judgements about your company.

Brand Awareness and Familiarity Because people will spend so much time engaging with your logo, an animated logo will increase consumers’ awareness and familiarity with your brand. A logo that incorporates more elements than a simple static logo will be more memorable, and people will be able to make immediate connections between your brand and your logo when they see your it on your website or other marketing channels. If your logo stands out in the minds of your viewers, so will your brand. 

Consistency Brands that present themselves consistently are as much as four times more likely to experience brand visibility than those who do not. This in turn encourages customers to trust your brand and its products. An animated logo will remind anyone who interacts with your brand about your company and the products and services you provide. Moreover, it will help them to remember the positive associations and connections they have made with your brand. 

Try incorporating your animated logo in your company’s videos and social media posts as well as your website in order to provide more opportunities for viewers to see your logo and strengthen their relationship with your brand. Consistently viewing your logo will create more brand awareness, visibility, and loyalty.

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