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What to Know About Mobile Websites

What to Know About Mobile Websites

If you’re like most Americans, then you’re often glued to your smartphone. You rely on it to keep track of the news, respond to emails, and interact with your friends and relatives on social media. According to tech-crunch, mobile use surpassed desktop use in 2016. For this reason and many others, you may want to transform your business website into a mobile-friendly website.

Is My Website Mobile Friendly? You can easily tell whether your website is mobile friendly if it displays content and navigates in a way that is optimized for mobile devices. Take for instance such devices as iPads, tablets, or smartphones. Such a site is easy to navigate, and users won’t have to zoom or make any manual adjustments. Content in mobile-friendly websites is easy to read, and it’s easy for users to find what they are looking for. Other benefits of having a mobile website include:

Mobile Gets Traffic Once upon a time, most businesses created two versions of their website. One was meant for desktop users while the other was for mobile users. Although many still do this today, the number of mobile users has increased and having two versions would be a waste of time. Nowadays, you only need one website that can be used in all devices. 

Increase Conversions Websites that can be viewed only on a desktop cannot effectively convert your visitors into buyers. Such sites have obscured CTAs (calls to action), users have a difficult time navigating the website to the contact page, and it’s challenging to click on links. According to Google, approximately 61 percent of your visitors won’t return to your website if they have trouble accessing it. What’s more, 40 percent of them will be more likely to do business with your competitor’s.

Lower Maintenance Costs A responsive mobile-friendly website has lower maintenance costs than two versions of a single website. While the initial cost may be higher, you will save more in the long run, because you’ll only have a single website to maintain. Besides, setting up a mobile website takes less time. Having a single version of your website will also free up more time that you can use to improve other areas of your business. 

Redesign Your Website ASAP Mobile devices are the most preferred way of accessing content online. This has led to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to start ranking websites based on mobile website optimization. Everything from browsing to making purchases are taking place on mobile devices, and you don’t want to lose customers to your competitors. 

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