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Ways to Target Keywords with Blog Posts

Blog posts have been extremely popular among people who loves writing and has been helping website owners gain organic traffic through their blog posts content. Web marketers know that a blog post have target keywords which are hot and trending.

However, some keywords they use aren’t the trending ones all the time; instead they choose keywords that haven’t been used or aren’t getting much attention because they’ll have lesser competitors. Some people fail to follow the keyword research steps which helps a lot to optimize their blog posts and skipping it leads to a waste of opportunity.

Listed below are the steps to easily target keywords for your blog contents.

  1. Determine relevant keyword phrases

In order to be able to identify keyword opportunities, determining which keyword phrases that can help in gaining organic traffic is a must. The research you will execute to find your target keywords should depend on what goal you want your post to have. As per WordStream, you can use Google Trends or Google Suggest to find keyword phrases if you’re chasing a timely topic and if you’re chasing recurring traffic then consulting your own analytic data is the best choice.

  • Think of an appealing topic

If your topics are broad then it is highly unlikely for you to rank on the first-page results. Your keywords should be narrowed down and should be appealing to the eyes of your target audience. It should be specific and relevant but if you’re finding this part a hard one, you can use keyword tools that will help you determine a suitable keyword phrase for your content. This is an important part because this is where the customer will gain interest to read your blog posts and also helps to be visible on the front-page results.

  • Write and optimize your post

Once you know what to write about, remember to put your chosen keyword in the title tag. To optimize your post better, use the keywords in the meta description as well and also as the file name and also as the alt text of the images. If you’re posting a video, use it in the title and include it in the video description. When all of the steps are executed and you’ve finally written a unique and high-quality blog post, publish it and make sure to promote it by sharing it on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Doing so can help increase organic traffic for your site.

Always remember that doing a keyword research is a good step when it comes to choosing the right target keywords for your blog posts. Promoting your published blog posts by sharing it on social media platforms is a cheaper way of earning and gaining organic traffic rather than paying for advertisements. Following these steps will help you stay visible on the front-page results. Staying consistent on your rank means staying consistent on following the process above too.

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