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Top Reasons Why People Follow Brands on Social Media

We all know how social media has become a stepping stone for brands, businesses, and companies that have chosen to bring their name online. A lot of people gained more popularity, success, revenue, etc., ever since they tried social media marketing and because of the overwhelming number of brands online, a lot of people and social media users follow brands on their social media accounts! Most of their favorite brands had created social media pages and accounts as well, and it would be really nice to follow them on social media to stay updated on their new stuff.

There are different reasons why people follow brands on social media, and if you want to find out why, keep reading. The following data presented is according to Marketing Charts.

  1. To communicate with brands online

People follow brands on social media because they want to communicate with them. The reason might be because they want to inquire about their services and products. If they’re interested with any promo and services they offer, they must communicate first with the brand of course, and the most convenient way to do these things is by reaching out to them out on their social media accounts.This is the reason why 21% of consumers follow brands online.

  • To know about promos and discounts

Who wouldn’t want to be notified on any promos and discounts your fave brand offers right? Promos and discounts are very attractive to 40% pf consumers which is why it is important for them to stay informed if ever their favorite brands have released this type of offer.

  • To know about their new updates

If ever a brand releases a new product or service, they will release this information on their social media accounts. This is why 47% of consumers follow their favorite brand online. There are other important updates brands share online such as if they’re closing down a store, closing on a specific day, changes in their operating hours, etc.

  • To connect with people they have similar interest with

It is nice to know and interact with someone who fully understands your interest in a particular brand which is why 32% of consumers have this reason. We all have different interests and being able to connect with someone who has the same interest as you feels very nice.

  • To reach out for customer support

If anything goes wrong on a product or service you availed on a brand, it will become a hassle to come back to their store especially if you are a very busy person. The best alternative to reach out to their customer service is by messaging them on their social media account and 74% of consumers have this reason.

Social media has made everyone’s lives easier. We can now easily shop online and communicate with people online. There are different reasons why people follow brands online but we all know how good it feels when you can reach something so conveniently.

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