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Top 5 Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Business

Top 5 Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Business

Nowadays, it’s vital to use social media sites and create an active account on different platforms. Creating and developing an effective social media marketing plan is important when it comes to promoting a service or product.
Social Media Marketing is a type of internet marketing that requires sharing and creating content on different social media sites or networks. Interacting with the use of contents helps a company or business achieve its branding and marketing goals.
A business needs to gain traffic to their website, which can be done by creating engaging content that works great on each social media platform. However, social media platforms are different from one another and that means, a blog content could work on some social media site, while a video or photo work on other platforms.
In this article, we will tackle the top 5 social media websites you need to consider for your business and what kind of content works well on each social media site according to Neil Patel.
1. Facebook
Currently, Facebook is the number one social media site in the world and it works best for individuals and business owners. Photos, videos, text posts work on this social media platform because consumers trust Facebook.
2. Instagram
Instagram is another social media site that gained a lot of users in the past years. In this social media app, photos, stories, and videos work the best. If you want to save time, you may integrate your Instagram to your Facebook so you can run the same ad or posts on both social media app.
3. YouTube
YouTube has surely spawned most of the industries and helped thousands of individuals in their business and career. Millions of people are now making a living by playing games, dancing, uploading video tutorials and even singing.
4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media website founded in 2002 by one of the founders of PayPal, Reid Hoffman. However, the growth of this site is somehow slower than other social media apps. Yet, it teaches business owners to focus on what works well for your niche and business. You can create your profile on this site and get in touch with users that are interested in your business.
5. Google+ (Now Google My Business)
Just like Facebook, you can post a wide variety of contents on Google including photos, videos, and polls. Even if your main social media site is Facebook, cross-posting to Google is also beneficial, especially if your followers differ a bit from your Facebook followers.

Keep in mind that your contents must be intriguing and engaging at the same time so people will share it. Make sure your posts will gain likes and shares to gain traffic to your website. Do you need help for your social media marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate to contact Endless Revenue Marketing as they aim to help businesses grow and add new customers by leveraging the power of Facebook ads and follow up marketing techniques.

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