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Top 5 Instagram Strategies

With over 600 million users across the world, Instagram has surpassed Snapchat as the most popular social media app. The app isn’t just for sharing pictures of your lunch anymore. Businesses have been taking advantage of the platform as a vital marketing tool. By following these top 5 Instagram strategies, your business can thrive on the social media site. 

Geotag Feature Instagram geotagging is one of the best instagram strategies. It allows you to geotag your content down to your exact coordinates. You can also create a “sticker” for your instagram stories featuring the geotag. By utilizing this feature, you can draw customers to where you are. If you post an inspiring or beautiful photo that is tagged at your shop, customers may come to your shop just to see it. Using geotags, Instagram helps you connect with other people who are using the same geotag. You can comment or like their posts when they are in your area to boost your engagement. 

Regular Posts If you want your Instagram to thrive, you cannot ignore it. One of the smartest Instagram tactics is posting at least once a day. Your posts should be scheduled at the most optimal time for your audience. You should post when people will naturally be on their phones – during a lunch break or after work. If you notice you are getting more likes when you post at a specific time, continue to post at that time to keep your engagement high. 

Researching Relevant Hashtags If you’ve been wondering how to gain more instagram followers, hashtags are the answer. They allow anyone in the world who is interested in your product to find you. However, you have to use hashtags effectively to attract the right audience. You should typically up to 30 hashtags per post. You should not use the hashtags in the caption. Instead, put the hashtags in the comment section. This way it won’t annoy your followers. 

Consistency to Theme One of the best Instagram marketing tips is to keep a visually appealing feed. This will draw more followers than a messy, unplanned theme. When planning your Instagram, you should find your visual voice. Do you want all your pictures to be bright? Should the pictures have borders? Once you find a theme that works for you, stick with it.

Accurately Written and Well-Thought Out Bio If you’ve followed all the other Instagram tips and tricks but still need Instagram marketing help, your bio may be the issue. On instagram you have little space to attract attention, so your bio should be the perfect well-thought out sentence to grab followers. A good instagram bio conveys what your business does, indicates how customers can find you, showcases your company’s personality, and provides a call to action.

You only have 150 characters to sum up your company, so use the space widely.
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