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SEO 2020: Search Engine Optimization Defined

Each one of us has probably heard a thing or two about SEO. But do we know the exact definition of SEO in 2020? What does it do? Why is SEO crucial for businesses or other professionals? What should we know about SEO in 2020?

At present, The Search Engine Journal stated that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Because Search engines are the primary or main driver of site visits. That’s around 300% more than what social media brings in. This is according to Search Engine Land. The numbers stated here serves as an overview of what SEO is in 2020.

If we break down the definition of SEO 2020, it would most probably won’t be too far off from its meaning from a few years back. But with the exception of a few things in which it has become more enhanced, more complex, yet more accommodating and user-friendly to the audience.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is defined as the practice of boosting the quality and amount of traffic that goes into your website via organic search engine results from queries posted by different users all over the internet.

As we learn and explore the world of SEO in 2020, we understand that it consists of several elements that work together towards the success of your business’ goals. Here’s what we need to prepare in learning the basics about SEO:

  1. So you can incorporate SEO in your new or previously built website, you must make it SEO-friendly. This means adapting and improving each page such as using a domain name and utilizing internal links.
  2. Perform keyword research to come up with quality content that is basically built for SEO. The use of appropriate markup helps greatly in conveying the message that your content wants to deliver.
  3. To come up with relevant content and related markup, you must utilize on-site topics that you can explore further and provide practical and actionable solutions. As you learn about good content, you’ll discover how it supplies the demand as well as how it is easily linked to other relevant content that explains further your initial content.
  4. While you deal with your chosen topics, you need to have an in-depth study of the information that you are imparting to the readers. You need to utilize every related links that you can find to anchor texts in your content.
  5. After understanding the basics of SEO, you must also be open to other changes that will help optimize your site in preparation for more advanced updates that may help with both local and international SEO.

Now that we have a basic understanding of SEO in 2020, we realize that what we know today may not exactly be what we will always practice in the future. But, rest assured, SEO will become much better and more user-friendly when it comes to getting more organic traffic and more leverage for your site.

SEO in 2020 may still keep on evolving in the following years that will bring about significant changes in the way we do business and address the needs of our prospects and customers.

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