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Top 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach for your Business

Top 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach for your Business

Social media advertising and marketing can be tough in this fast-paced world. Most people are always on their phones whether it is for personal or business reasons. Fortunately, most social media apps and websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free to use which is very valuable to businesses in growing their organic reach. Instagram is one of the best places to advertise and market your business online and build a group of loyal followers that supports your business.

  Instagram engagement involves stories, hashtags, IGTV views, polls and even stickers for stories. This social media app is up to date and innovating now and then, so you need to keep up to boost your Instagram posts. If you want to see a huge difference in your number of followers on Instagram, then you should understand the ultra-smart algorithm that this social media platform is using. There is no doubt that Instagram is quite tricky to use especially when it comes to competing for people’s attention and this is why you must create engaging posts and tons of high-quality photos to go with your posts.

So, are you wondering how you can increase your Instagram followers this year? Here are five simple ways to deliver valuable content and grow your organic reach on Instagram.

1. Take Advantage of the Question Sticker and Polls You can start conversations with your followers by doing a good “Ask Me Anything” strategy to let your followers know you more. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce your brand and even get customer reviews for your products and services. You can even mention some of your followers and that account can even repost and share it with their followers!

2. Write Longer Captions for your Posts You can write 2,200 characters for your next Instagram caption which allows you to share more information with your followers. Aside from that, long captions affect how your Instagram post performs in the algorithm called “time spent on post.” But, keep in mind that you still need to write informative, meaningful and engaging posts.

3. Always Add Hashtags If you want to increase the number of your Instagram followers, then understanding which hashtags are driving more leads to your posts is vital. You can add strong hashtags to your captions and stories by typing up to 10 hashtags. You must start categorizing your hashtags which should be related to your business. So, if you’re business targets, female business owners, you may have multiple hashtags that you use on different topics.

It is really important to have a vision for your business and understand which pulls kind of posts give the most engagement on your Instagram posts. So the next time you’re strategizing your Instagram post, try to incorporate these tips and let us know how your audience responds!

If you need some help for your Instagram marketing strategy and marketing, don’t hesitate to contact Endless Revenue Marketing as we aim to help businesses grow and add new customers by leveraging the power of SEO and SMM ads to follow up marketing techniques.

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