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Top 20 LinkedIn Etiquette Tips to Connect Like a Pro

Since LinkedIn is a platform where professionals and companies interact with each other, it is but proper to follow and observe their guidelines in making connections. Connecting on LinkedIn is not something that we merely do when we’re bored. We use LinkedIn for a much greater purpose, and it is in order to create meaningful conversations with groups of people who may help us achieve professional growth and more.

Connecting on LinkedIn must be done cautiously with respect and observance of the proper principles and etiquette. So, in order for us to truly understand and follow what should be done, let us explore the dos and don’ts in connecting on LinkedIn. Read on further so you won’t miss out on the best steps to follow while on LinkedIn.

  • Find a way to personalize your approach in creating requests for connecting with others.
  • After your connection request is accepted, you must create a friendly welcome message.
  • Stop creating nonsense messages as they will be placed on spam.
  • Read and respond to messages the soonest time possible, especially with new connections.
  • Check on the people who have viewed your profile in order to get updated on your possible prospects.
  • Make sure that your profile picture on LinkedIn is a professional headshot.
  • Pattern your profile so that it speaks directly to your target market and pass the (WIIFM – what’s in it for me) Filter.
  • Never use another name aside from your own in your profile as it violates the TOS (Terms of Service) of LinkedIn.
  • Let people stay on your profile by attracting their attention in seconds using your catchy headline or summary.
  • Don’t forget to stay active and always engage in meaningful conversations with your prospects.

LinkedIn, Linkedin Marketing
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  • Adjust your privacy settings so that you can be notified whenever your name appears in the news and so that your connections will get updated on your current activities.
  • Doing illegal and unethical acts such as exporting your connections list to your email list must be avoided at all times.
  • You may utilize the Recommendations section as well as the Skills and Endorsements area to your advantage. This is a good way to get social proof.
  • Personalize your requests for recommendation and make sure to ask those who really know what you can offer.
  • Watch out for events wherein you can easily connect with others and make sure to engage using a personal approach on a regular basis.
  • Stay on top of your network by posting reliable, relevant, and compelling content. Make sure that each content will give value to your target audience.
  • Don’t just be contented with your existing connections. Try introducing your friends with each other whenever you need to, in order to grow your network. 
  • Remember to maintain professionalism and positivity at all times. This is an important rule to follow in order to maintain trust and credibility.
  • In handling your connections, it is best to focus on having quality networks rather than having lots of groups but without real engagements.
  • And since we are talking about networks, one way to expand your connections is by joining groups on LinkedIn where your ideal clients are usually present.

Now that we know the do’s and don’ts in connecting on LinkedIn, the next time we open up our profiles, we’ll definitely make sure that we won’t do actions that goes against the laws and guidelines of LinkedIn.

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