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seo in 2020

Top 12 SEO Trends for 2020 You Must Know

Over the years, along with the online world revolution, businesses have also evolved when it comes to the trends that they are following and applying in their processes. As the new year and new era arise, there are definitely new trends to follow when it comes to SEO in 2020.

SEO in 2020 may not be so much different than what we’ve already known and followed in recent years. But definitely, there are items that are worth noting so that we know how to excel from the crowd and gain a considerable chance of success against our competitors.

seo in 2020
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Let’s dig deeper and explore the biggest trends that we must apply for a successful SEO in 2020:

  1. Feel more at ease and make good use of a better search experience with the help of featured snippets. They aid in facilitating a better and much suitable route to discovering the answer to your inquiries on Google.
  2. SEO gets even better when you get reliable and trustworthy information from influencers that you trust. Let’s admit it, ads are very distracting and bothersome. If ads are eliminated and we get influencers to speak on behalf of our company, then we are sure to get the best results of traffic that come in with SEO.
  3. The need to secure your website is yet another trend that you need to take note of. Knowing that they are more hackers nowadays that are looking to get into your website, a good trend to follow is to install as much protection as possible to secure your website.
  4. (VSEO or Voice Search Optimization) is another big thing that will surely rule in SEO for 2020. Who wouldn’t be amazed to get the fastest solution just by uttering your question out loud?
  5. The more known and popular your local business is, the more attractive it is to consumers when it comes to local SEO. You get more engagements and more traffic when your local business possesses authority and is known among your community. 
  6. Adding videos is essential for your next SEO tactics. Wouldn’t it be more appealing to possible prospects? You’ll easily get their attention than with the aid of informative videos.
  7. Quality contents showing expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT principle) will have a higher rank with Google.
  8. Because data is a vital element among searches or inquiries, proper analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data plays a key role in SEO.
  9. In order to increase your rankings, make sure to optimize your website so that it is more user-friendly on mobile.
  10. A true indicator of the success in all your SEO efforts would be the dwell time and the click-through rates of the people indicating how long they stayed on your site and how much time they spent browsing to all the data that you provide.
  11. Since the present internet connections provide the best information at a lightning-fast speed.
  12. And along with the evolution of the internet, programs, software, and more, using the aid of Artificial Intelligence can mean a great deal of highly satisfactory user experience from your site.

You may or may not follow the trends that are common for SEO in 2020, but you must know that these items listed above are already known and used in the previous years. And they have been proven to work well when partnered with the right SEO strategy. But one thing is for certain this year 2020, you still have a long way to go before the year ends. So, why not apply, combine, and adapt all the latest trends that may be applicable to your site for SEO in 2020.

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