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Tips for Using Keywords in Blogs and Content Articles

Keywords have always been a necessity in blogs and content articles. They serve and play a vital role on articles because they help improve rankings on search engine results and increases visibility for the finished content. The keyword placement in articles should also be placed as much as possible in the title of the article.

Simply putting keywords on the existing text isn’t enough; the SEO tools must be naturally integrated in the flow of the blog posts and content articles. There are strategies that can be executed for managing SEO requirements in the content creation field. We learned from Crowd Content and we have listed below strategies which can be used for a better keyword placement in articles .

  1. Stay current

Since search engines, specifically Google, are annually changing and updating its algorithms, this also means that the ranking process of the search engine results also changes. Keyword placement in articles helps of course, it is still relevant even with the numerous changes in the algorithms of search engines. Still, since there have been changes with the algorithms, the topic and keyword phrases are also needed to be emphasized in the content. The keyword subject can help boost the overall article of your content.

  • Position keywords correctly

Although some clients doesn’t have any keyword placements requests, a guideline still should be followed. The primary and secondary keyboard are both used differently, the primary keywords should be included in the title, meta-tag description, the first paragraph and at least repeatedly mentioned more than thrice on the entirety of the article while secondary keywords should only be mentioned a few times and lesser than the primary keyword. Also, using the keyword on bulleted lists can boost your overall ranking among your competitors and in the online marketplace.

  • Managing keyword difficulties and keyword integration

For awkward keywords, you can add a short words. Doing so will not affect your rankings because the search engine algorithms does not reduce the effectiveness of keyword placements. Keywords are also considered an organic element of an article, and this makes the content article smoother and professional to read. Instead of just randomly putting the keyword in places, make sure it is appropriately written and is placed where it naturally fits. Google also gives penalties and this can be prevented as long as the focus of the text is on the keyword and subject matter. Search engines especially Google cares so much about providing relevant information on your chosen keywords.

Keyword placements in articles and integrating them isn’t hard, but it is also not completely easy. It takes time and experience to be able to proficiently write an article and content with an amazing keyword placement. Once you do, this added skill set will help boost your rankings in the search engine results and will generate organic traffic. Updating your content annually or as often as you could is also important so it doesn’t sink at the bottom of the search results.

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