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Tips For Userful Metrics in Social Media

Social media platforms keep on growing everyday. The number of users it has already reached billions of users and the most famous of them all is Facebook. Twitter and Instagram also follow and you may also be familiar with Snapchat. There are tons of social media sites that people use, some don’t even know what to use at all; reason why they end up creating multiple accounts. Digital marketers use social media platforms now to promote and advertise their brands and services. This is how and where they also get a chance to interact with their audience, but how can they make the most out of it?

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The three usual goals of SEM are to generate leads, drive purchases, and build brand awareness. Below are tips for useful metrics in social media sites.

  • Lead Generation

Measuring CPL or the cost per lead is important. This happens when a digital marketer wants to generate leads depending on his own strategy but take a form on a landing page for example. A formula must be created to compute the conversion action such as by dividing the total number of leads to the total money spent on the ads. The result will equate to the CPL.

  • Driven purchases

The return on ad spend or ROAS is another helpful metric in social media sites. To be able to measure the SEM success, multiply the money spent on ads to 100 and you’ll get the percentage for the ROAS.

  • Brand awareness

This needs the help of other tools such as Google Analytics. It helps you measure your success and see how many people have visited your site. The other features are also very helpful for other functions too which is why you need to give it a try. Building brand awareness needs the help of tools to be able to have access with the data you need to gather. It is important to learn when your volume is higher and how many people you are reaching with your content. You can also see the influence and impact of your brand toward others with the help of tools, so it really is necessary to use them to keep track of your achievements. The tool also lets you know how many people are engaging with your content and how many are sharing it to promote it, so keeping track of these data is really needed for your own records.

The social media platforms are undeniably contributing a lot of help to every individual; but it is also a big help for digital marketers because they are able to promote their contents, brand, services and products on social media sites that expanded their reach and increased their audience. These are the reasons why digital marketers should not sleep on social media platforms and make use of them as well. It is important for a brand to create their own social media account and optimize it by engaging with their audience and constantly posting contents.

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