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Tips for Better Product Descriptions on Websites

A product description plays a vital role on an online shop. Websites that sell products involve writing product descriptions to inform shoppers what the item is about, how it functions and what its uses are.

In fact, according to NNGroup, 20% of purchase failures is because of an unclear or missing product information, but how will you know if the product description you’ve written is good or bad? A bad product description does not have anything to do with the length because the main goal of it is to explain what the product is for, what the product does, why do people have to buy it and who is it meant for.

If you are reading product descriptions and still have questions left unanswered, then it’s not a well-written description. Here are tips on writing product descriptions that really sell.

  1. Think of possible questions from the customers.

An effective way of writing product descriptions is to gather the questions first regarding the product and then answer it once through descriptions once it is being written. Do not write only basic information, write all the necessary answers and think of what the shopper might want to know about the products.

  • Get to the point.

The first few lines of the description must already include the real purpose of the product. Add product photos that has all the angles that provides the specifics so the buyer would know how the product they’ll purchase would look like. Also add other interesting details depending on the category. Take clothes as an example; the measurements and fabric of the product should automatically be included on the description. Do not confuse the shoppers with other texts that are not helpful.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
  • Speak in a language that the buyer can understood.

Do not use words that buyers might find hard to comprehend. Only use simple terms and articulate words they can easily understand. Do not be vague because this will only cause the loss of interest of the customer for the product and instead of purchasing it, they will only look for a similar one that has a better explanation for the item.

Understand your target audience first by assessing who will buy the product, use the product or wear the product. Who do you want to sell your product to? To older people or teenagers? If you choose from either one, then make the description enticing to the appropriate age. If you choose both, make the description both teenager and parent friendly.

Well-written and informative product descriptions are a very effective strategy on attracting customers to purchase from a shop. The description is where they will rely their decision on to ensure that they are not wasting money on the purchase. An effective product description must be brief; but it also has to be precise and concise to relay the needed and necessary information to the customer just by reading it. If a customers ask a question regarding the product, then the description given and written for the product isn’t efficient at all.

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