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The Ultimate Guide to Higher ROI on Ad Spend

The Ultimate Guide to Higher ROI on Ad Spend

Globally, companies are expected to spend over $2.1 trillion next year on marketing campaigns, but how many companies are getting enough bang for their buck? If you aren’t receiving a large return on investment for your marketing campaigns, you’re practically throwing money down the consumer drain. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide to higher ROI on Ad Spend. By adding small yet crucial tweaks to your formula, you will see your ROI thrive. 

Engaging Media If you’ve been wracking your brain over how to get higher ROI on ad spend, the answer may lie in the media you are using. We live in a social media-driven world. Long, compelling paragraphs aren’t enough to reel in a customer. Instead, you should focus on creating engaging media, including stunning photographs, and alluring videos. The most important part of any media is how visually appealing an advertisement is. You need to balance colors, white space, and overall quality. Using eye-popping colors is important to draw attention, but they should be skillfully placed. Similarly, if you create videos they should evoke emotion from the viewer. You can be funny, sad, or heartwarming. As long as the viewer is feeling something, they are 23% more likely to share ads online.

Creative Copy writing Although a great advertisement shouldn’t feature long paragraphs, the small amount of copy you do add should be phenomenal. To achieve a higher return on ad spend, you should use clever copy to attract attention. Typically, the best copy is funny. Potential customers don’t just go around reading all advertisements. Instead, they spend time reading what they enjoy. If written correctly, that can be an advertisement. The best tip for better ROI on ads in terms of copy is to invoke your inner comedian. 

Follow the Campaign’s Goal Creating innovative copy and compelling media is a great start, but unless you are staying true to your campaign’s goal, you will not see a high ROI on ads. Before you complete any of the suggestions above, you need to find out what the goal of your ad spend campaign is. What is the purpose of your campaign, who is your target audience, and what is the goal of each ad group? These are all essential questions you must ask. If your target audience is seniors, you don’t want to make a funny ad that mentions a pop culture reference. By setting a campaign goal, you can create unique, engaging content that will help with ROI on ad spend. 

Compelling Calls to Action If you have completed all the items above, but are still seeking ad spend help, you likely aren’t presenting a clear call to action. Whether you have created a sweet video that evokes heartfelt emotions, or have hilarious copy, your advertisement will not be successful unless you have a compelling call to action. Your advertisement should include either a link to your website, a phone number to call, or an email the customer can contact. You call to action can be intertwined with your hilarious copy, or can be an interactive part of your image. As long as it is visible, compelling, and clear to the customer, they will likely click on your call to action, hopefully turning them from leads to customers. For more guidance with devising effective advertising campaigns and making the most of social media to grow your business, visit

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