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The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media

With the rise of the internet, the success of social media followed shortly after; so did digital marketing. These two are a powerful combination to make a business successful. There are billions of social media platforms users and a lot of brands has joined digital marketing as well. Digital marketing & social media are words that you might often hear or read. A lot of people rely on these two for a successful business, but are they aware of the difference between the two? Well then, you are about to find out so keep reading.

Digital marketing & social media aren’t totally alike. As per Reliable Soft, social media is a major component of Internet Marketing which is part of digital marketing. Below are the list of their differences to help you have a better understanding between the two and other explanation to enlighten you.

  • Social media’s limitation

While digital marketing can reach people that are offline using digital means, social media can only reach people who are online.

  • Social media content strategy

The combination of digital marketing & social media can help a brand become successful by creating contents which will be promoted and advertised on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Digital marketing alone on the other hand, can only promote by TV advertising, billboard, or internet advertising. .

  • Which is more important?

Their importance for a certain brand depends of course on the business’s type of products and services. Both are important of course, but some brands may not be suitable for digital marketing and should opt for social media marketing instead. It is important to determine whether which of the two is better for your business as choosing the wrong choice might hinder your success.

  • Social media marketing, what is it?

According to Reliable Soft, social media marketing is defined as the process of promoting a product or service through various social media channels. You can choose between the two methods to perform a social media campaign which are paid and free. The latter is done by building your followers and fans and the paid advertising is done by Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.

  • Digital marketing

Digital marketing has a lot of components. A promotional campaign includes search engine marketing or paid search advertising, promotion through the use of social media platforms, mobile market promotions and email marketing. Search engine marketing or paid search advertising is done by either SEO or content strategy. Social media platforms obviously uses Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for paid advertisements. Mobile market promotion involves developing native mobile apps to submit to Google play and Apple store and lastly, email marketing promotes their brand by sending out emails.

Both digital marketing & social media are important for people with digital businesses. One of the options may not be suitable for their brands now but in the near future, they might need its strategies to enhance their businesses. Knowing the difference between the two is important because it will help your brand stay ahead of its competitors.

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