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The Beginner’s Guide to Building Brand Awareness Online

Increasing your brand awareness online is one of the best ways you can increase your company’s profitability. Brand awareness, the extent to which consumers are familiar with your company and its products, is critical to any business because it directly influences revenue. When customers are not aware that your company exists, or they have negative associations with your brand, they are not going to purchase your products or services. If you want to be successful, it is important that you take steps to ensure that consumers remember your brand.  Here are a few tips that you can use in order to build your brand awareness:

Provide Custom Content The online content you provide on your blogs, website, and social media accounts can shape a consumer’s perception of your brand awareness. When customers are interested in the information that a company shares online, they are more likely to continue reading and viewing that company’s content. If you want to build brand awareness, you need to make sure you are posting engaging, relevant, content that your customers cannot find anywhere else.   Take the time to curate blog posts with unique content that your customers will find valuable. 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company if they read custom content from that company. Use these articles to show your customers what your brand values. Help consumers view your brand positively by tailoring your online content to your target audience and showing them that your company cares about providing them with relevant, helpful information.
Consumers are more likely to subscribe to or follow a company online if that company provides engaging content. This will give you more opportunities to get your company’s name, logo, and products in front of your customers, further increasing brand awareness.

Create Social Media Ads With over 3 billion people using social media worldwide, and many of them using it every single day, social media ads are a great way to establish your brand’s online presence and increase your conversion rate. A well-placed social media ad about your company and its products can help you attract consumers who might not otherwise have interacted with your brand. Creating ads for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites will help you reach out and share your brand identity with more people, which will help with brand awareness. As these consumers see your ads, they are more likely to remember your brand when they are looking for a product or service offered by your company.

Design a Memorable Logo The main reason why you need to establish a strong brand identity is so consumers can easily recognize and develop positive feelings toward your company. One of the best ways to ensure that your brand is memorable is to have a unique logo for your company. When customers see your logo, they should be able to easily associate the image with your brand. When you are designing a logo, make sure that it is simple and easy to remember, and keep it consistent across all of your platforms. Choose a signature color or two to for your logo and your website design. Color can improve brand recognition by as much as 80%, so a well-thought out color scheme can help your brand stand out.
After you have designed your company’s logo, it is important to make sure that your consumers are exposed to your logo whenever they visit any of your platforms. When it comes to brand recall, your logo placement is just as important as your logo itself. Website visitors are 89% more likely to remember a company’s logo when it is on the left hand side of a website than when it is on the right. Utilize A/B testing or other research to see where your logo should be placed for maximum recall.

Stay Consistent If you want people to form associations with your brand, you need to make sure that your brand identity remains consistent. If your logo, slogans, and website design are constantly changing, consumers will never reach the level of brand recognition required to establish any feelings toward your company, positive or negative. Keep your designs consistent across all of your platforms so that your customers can begin to recognize your brand and create positive associations with your company. 

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