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The 6 Benefits of Using LinkedIn

If you want to gain leverage from social networking sites that help you connect with other professionals, then LinkedIn is the place to be. Whether you’re an individual that’s looking for a job or a company looking to widen your network, you can gain all this from LinkedIn benefits for business. 

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Many have turned to LinkedIn especially the young and old. Because they know how much advantage they can gain from LinkedIn benefits for business. It’s a win-win situation for both the young professionals and the companies because, through LinkedIn, it will be much easier to get the right candidate for the position that they need. While the professional will be able to see the credibility of the company that they’re applying in.

So, if you haven’t really identified LinkedIn’s benefits for businesses, here is the rundown of six known advantages that you can gain from this social networking site:

  • Get exposed to large companies and HR individuals that are looking to hire people for their companies. With LinkedIn, you can have your own online personal brand where companies or recruiters will see. This makes it easy for them to reach out to you. This is literally what people may call as jobs presenting themselves to you.
  • Show and highlight what you can offer by means of expertise, credibility, knowledge, and skills. Through that profile you create in LinkedIn, you will be able to show companies what course you took up in college, what degree you have, and more so, what were your past experiences that was able to give you the knowledge and skills that you possess right now in relation to that job opening that you’re applying for.
  • LinkedIn can be used as a tool for research. For companies and professionals, they can easily connect and share what they offer to other individuals and companies that may need their products or services. While for students, teachers, and other professionals, because of the wide array of information that is embedded within LinkedIn, you can easily gain access to slideshows and other informative articles that provide you with useful learnings.
  • As mentioned earlier, you can gain thousands of opportunities and possibilities through the job boards on LinkedIn. If you are used to the traditional classified ads, with LinkedIn, you’ll be amazed at what the whole world can offer. Through here, you can directly connect and apply to companies and provide them with your online resume from your LinkedIn profile. This is already a great way for you to pursue your dream job without the hassle of commuting just to get to that job interview.
  • The more you have connections, the more you can achieve that social proof you need for your talents and skills. With your connections, others can easily help recommend or endorse you to the companies that need the skill sets that you possess. This is a great opportunity for you knowing that highly respected individuals or experts are the ones helping you out in finding your ideal company.
  • You get to see what huge companies are doing. What events they are planning or having in the future. Through LinkedIn, you are updated on the latest happenings and upcoming events that companies are looking to hold. And if you are able to know the details firsthand, then, you would have a bigger chance to participate in that said event.

Now that you know LinkedIn’s biggest benefits for businesses, then we’re pretty sure that you’ll be optimizing and updating your profile really soon. Who knows, you might just be the next business who can benefit greatly from all the advantages that LinkedIn has to offer.

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