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Social Media Marketing 2020: Search Results

Nowadays, social media can be used for different reasons that even small and large businesses have been using it to boost and enhance their strategies. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are famous social media platform examples that helps brands and companies stay connected with their valued customers and potential clients without having to personally interact with them.

This is convenient, right? Especially if you add your social media feed on your website and this will give your more organic traffic, gaining audience across all your platforms. You can use third-party tools to help you build your brand and stay in touch with your customers.

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Here are examples of what social media feed on your website would look like we learned from Blogging Wizard. You can create one in less than five minutes and showcase your posts on the social media wall.

  • University social media feeds

The best example of a social media feed on your website for me, are university websites. There are thousands of universities scattered around the world that uses social media to engage with their student which is the best way to reach them out since majority of students are on social media platforms as well. Embedded social media feeds are very ideal and convenient for providing university information and attracting students by creating a connection with them.

  • Ferrari’s social media

Ferrari also uses social media feed on their website to display live social media updates from different social media platforms. You can their website at and to see how they organize their own social media updates. They also keep their website updated by reposting their contents published by their social media management team on their official social media platforms.

  • Montpellier airport’s social media

The Montpellier airport also adds their social media feed to their website and keeps it updated by using the social media management team’s content and repurposing it. Their social media feed’s content is all about inspiring and attracting travelers and also aims to help people discover new destinations that they might want to try. Its social media channels are also used to keep their customers updated about their recent offers and announcement. In short, to share news that is related to their business.

  • IKEA Poland’s social media

The website of IKEA Poland contains a social media photo gallery that showcase the posts of their shoppers from their Instagram or Twitter accounts that is related to their company by using the official hashtags of IKEA Poland. The feed helps IKEA Poland gain more credibility and trust from their customer because of the feedbacks gained in social media posts.

Embed a social media feed on your website as it comes with many advantages. It doesn’t only help you build credibility but also helps you increase brand awareness and keeps your website looking fresh. Make your customers and visitors engage with you and let them know you’re active online. Read feedbacks about your business by expanding your online network. Stabilize your online presence and the most important of all, gain more revenue.

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