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SEO Tricks 2020: Updating and Recycling Old Blog Contents

Did you know that as of 2020, the number of existing websites over the internet has reached to over 1.74 billion? That’s even more than the current population of China! No wonder there’s a very tight competition within businesses and other companies just to drive in more traffic. But for an existing website, do you have that formula on how to update SEO traffic?

It has been a constant struggle for previously existing websites on how they can update their SEO tricks in order to boost rankings. If only you can produce new and quality contents regularly. But we all know that it takes a lot of time and effort, plus it is too complicated to make every day. Don’t we just wish there’s an easier way to update SEO rankings?

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As we come to a realization that the process on how to update SEO is long and very tedious, we might easily get overwhelmed on which items to prepare first. But the road to success doesn’t have to be hard if you know how to update and recycle old blog contents.

Yes, you read it right! Recycling and updating old blogs is the key element on how to update SEO. Below are reasons why recycling old content works:

  1. Recycling old content offers click-through rates that are off the charts. More often than not, the top search results in Google show contents that are published in the previous years.
  2. Reviewing and updating previous contents will enable you to fix spelling mistakes and grammar. Instead of just hoping to increase your rankings, you can actually work on solving previous errors so you’ll have quality content.
  3. Instead of starting from scratch, revive old content. Although it is good to have fresh content, new topics tend to change more rapidly. Your old blogs will slowly regress and die in search engine rankings if you keep on pushing for new content. If you want to double your traffic, your evergreen content will get it done for you. 
  4. Because Google is aimed at improving user experience, you are more likely to succeed with a more refined content. A more accurate content gains more authority and is deemed more useful to visitors of your site. When you add in new content or update the old ones, it gives a new flavor and new context to the existing ones.
  5. When you know how to update SEO, you are also boosting the morale of your entire site via your fresh content. Constant content updates for old and existing blogs will give your site a fresh start for it to rank better. Frequently updated sites will receive higher priority in rankings from Google.
  6. Obtain more value as you remove broken links. As you recall a link that you used in your previous contents, the tendency is that they might not be working at present. Links become broken due to contents or articles removed from a site or the site itself might be permanently closed.
  7. Revive old blogs by adding relevant multimedia. Better rankings are a result of a newer or fresher way of presenting existing contents. Recently, online contents have become more diverse. So, in order for you to gain more traffic, add something extra to your old blog posts.

It is always a good idea to know exactly how to update SEO with the help of contents that work well with SEO traffic. When you really think about it, you can work better and sell smarter by updating and reviving old blog posts rather than creating new ones that tend to die faster. Now, which way would you prefer to go in updating your SEO

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