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SEO Tips: 20 Fatal Mistakes You Must Avoid For Success

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) exists because it serves a greater purpose which is to help our industry gain better revenues. If done perfectly, SEO will bring your business to new heights. But if you commit too many SEO mistakes, it can impact your business in such a way that it creates a negative result instead of its intended purpose for better rankings.

On that note, it is essential that as early as today we must be well aware of the 20 Fatal SEO mistakes so that we will not be able to commit them ever when we already apply certain SEO techniques in our website. This will immensely help both large and small businesses in terms of expenses and efforts made.

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Together we’ll explore all the SEO mistakes that we need to avoid for the sake of getting a quality score and better rankings for our website:

  1.  If in your email you get to receive SEO spams, never ever try to reply to that email that you’ve just received. REMEMBER THIS: A legit SEO company would never send out spam to anyone. 
  2. Upon launching or adding updates to your site, never put SEO behind by waiting too long to implement it. Instead, SEO should be part of the planning process even from day one.
  3. Do proper research and ask the right questions in order to come up with the best decision in getting that perfect SEO company that fits your brand.
  4. Make sure to finalize your decision in sticking with your SEO company. Consider all the possible aspects that you may need to go through. Because choosing the right SEO company does not have to be like marriage where you can easily get a divorce whenever you’re done with them.
  5. Understand what you’re going through by weighing the pros and cons of each sub-domains or other additional domains so as to avoid spreading your content on multiple or wrong sites.
  6. Gone are the days that you need to submit your own URL to every search engine you can find. Instead, use a credible site that has already been crawled and link your contents going to your own site.
  7. Consider checking and fixing mistakes first such as an incorrect robots.txt file or having too many variables in your URLs. These instances will only make your site uncrushable.
  8. Never use highly general keywords so that you can have better rankings. A better keyword to use is one that is highly specific and optimized for better targeted traffic.
  9. Avoid making your keywords appear as spam by stuffing them within your meta tags, image alt tags, and more.
  10. The same goes for your page footer, don’t add in too many keywords having light-colored or invisible texts.
  11. In order for your content to stay relevant, never utilize the same title element on each page. If possible, create a variety of titles to get away from issues such as getting duplicates.
  12. Don’t use varying domain types to house similar contents. This could appear like having duplicate content which may eventually lead to your site being blacklisted.
  13. Create a solid foundation for your site by planning every structure,logical navigation, or descriptive link text. This entails proper usability for both search engine spiders and online users.
  14. Never ever get tired of producing quality content because it will always be what your audience will be looking for.
  15. If you want to develop reciprocal links do it with a reliable and trustworthy website so as to have a balanced link profile.
  16. Utilize a varied anchor text in order to avoid unnatural link building caused by a duplicate anchor text.
  17. Adding your links in guest books and blog comments will not result in quality SEO but will cause you to be marked as spam.
  18. Don’t give too much emphasis on keyword density.
  19. You must not rely on your page ranking in Google because they are based more on depth and crawl frequency.
  20. And lastly, it is a NO – NO to have a daily checking of your ranking. What you must focus on should be more on improving your website.

Actually, the number of items go beyond 20 when it comes to determining SEO mistakes, but as stated in the beginning of the article, we will only tackle the most common SEO mistakes so that the next time we encounter those, we may easily adjust and do necessary actions in order to eliminate that mistake.

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