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SEO Rankings 2020: 20 Ways That Improve Monetization

Probably everyone that we can think of has their own definite reasons for relying on SEO rankings. One individual or business might need SEO to drive in more traffic while others rely on SEO rankings to boost their sales and attract new customers. Well, no matter what the purpose may be, are we sure that we’re getting the most out of SEO?

There are quite a variety of tactics to try in order to attain the maximum advantages that we can get from SEO rankings. We just have to know where to look and which techniques to trust and apply. Because truthfully, according to 70% of marketers, SEO is more effective than PPC (pay-per-click).

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If you have not optimized your website for SEO, you will keep on losing more money as you go on blindly with your efforts in marketing without applying the maximum potential of SEO rankings. Fortunately, we have gathered the Best 20 practices that will allow you to boost your SEO ranking:

  1. Level up the loading speed of your page.
  2. High quality content is the key that’s why you must carefully craft and develop your posts to boost your SEO rankings.
  3. Pay attention to the quality, format, and size of your images so that they’ll turn out optimized.
  4. You may utilize tags for headlines and sub-headlines in order to de-congest your content so that they’ll look more readable and pleasing to the eyes.
  5. Consider beginning your own blog post for your website.
  6. Utilize outbound links so as to back up all possible claims that you have. This will greatly help in magnifying your website’s credibility.
  7. Don’t settle for a blog with purely texts. You may also add in other forms of multimedia like audios, videos, and more for a better user experience.
  8. Whenever you develop your content, make sure to keep your audience in mind by making your website readable.
  9. Make sure to find and try to fix all your broken links.
  10. And  because more people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices, you have to adapt and revamp your site so that it works properly on mobile. 
  11. Carefully structure and format your page so that the layout will be neat, clear, and well organized.
  12. Make sure to present specific and reliable contact information.
  13. Stay active on social media and encourage others to share your content via other social media platforms.
  14. Effectively use keywords because they make up the most percentage among Google’s ranking algorithm.
  15. Compose titles or descriptions accordingly so that they are click worthy.
  16. Construct focused, concise, clear, and optimized URLs in order to improve your SEO rankings.
  17. Aside from optimizing your headlines or titles, the next thing that you need to consider is developing a great meta description.
  18. Since we are already talking about optimizing for mobile devices, why don’t we level it up some more by establishing a mobile app.
  19. Do away with unnecessary and excessive codes that you don’t really need.
  20. Participate in forums or those that you consider as “question-and-answer” sites.

If you have more suggestions on how you can boost your SEO rankings, then by all means, you may share it in the comments section. We understand that there are more than 20 ways to level up your game when it comes to SEO rankings, but for now, you’ll see that the items above are more than enough to give you an idea on what you can do to optimize your site for SEO.

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