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SEO for Business 2020: Are Keywords Important for SEO?

In case you’re wondering what, an SEO keyword is; it is a phrase in your web content and the word or phrase that is used by people when using search engines like Google. Keywords are indeed still significant for SEO and Google but what are the importance of keywords in SEO?

SEO keywords are important as they help people stumble across your website to view your content and connects searchers on your site but although keywords are still useful in SEO, still it isn’t the most important factor since search engines continuously change and update its algorithms. Keywords are still a highly debated SEO topic.

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Because of some development in algorithms, the importance of keywords in SEO has been questioned as well. SEOs these days are a lot smarter, it means producing contents for websites should be natural. Below are some factors that has affected the significance of keywords for SEO in 2020 as per Search Engine Journal.

  1. Google ranking factors

SEMrush conducted a study wherein the results showed the importance of google ranking factors. The graph results showed that behavioral factors are a lot more significant than the keywords and by behavioral factors it means that Google cares more on what the audience do once they are on your website. The content and topic are essential for google rather than the repetitive keywords put on the content.

  • Voice search

A blog published on the 14th of October 2014 by google showed the results of a mobile voice survey wherein they surveyed 1,400 Americans of all age groups to answer. The results showed 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search but the question is, does voice search affect the importance of keywords in SEO? Well it had an impact because we have to type them as our only way to search them but the relevance of keywords is still there.

  • Semantic search

Long tail keywords are better than short tail keywords because it targets more search queries rater than short tail keywords. A long tail keyword are phrases that are longer than three words. Semantic search is now being used by Google to find out other related meaning of your words and improve the accuracy of each searched words. It understands the real intent and context of what you search for as if understanding something they way a real person would. Semantic search is better than keyword search because it provides more accurate answers but the importance of a keyword is still there.

The importance of keywords in SEO still depends on how search engines improve their methods and algorithms because every year. Websites that are keyword-dependent should learn how to make contents that do not rely on them because time may come and keywords won’t be of much help anymore to bring their websites on top of SEOs.

Importance of keywords are still relevant until now because they are clues and it gives people the results they search for and is how your searches are answered; creating contents that are natural is still better to be keyword-independent. From that, we can conclude that keywords are still important when it comes to SEO.

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