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Optimal Web Design: Desktop Vs Mobile

Optimal Web Design: Desktop Vs Mobile

A critical goal of any website is attracting customers. Whether you’re selling a product, advertising a service or spreading information, it’s important to choose a website design strategy and format that reaches your preferred audience easily and effectively. In order to do this, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether to optimize your website for mobile or desktop searches. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both to determine the best approach for your company when it comes to web design.

Desktop Website Nearly any web design is functional on a desktop. However, with the rise of mobile-friendly designs, your web design may be too focused on mobile-friendly features. This can leave your desktop viewers feeling like your website is overly simplified and lacking exciting new presentation styles. However, a desktop-only approach can distance your brand from mobile viewers. Without proper attention to mobile-friendly elements, you could be turning away up to 57% of all traffic. When viewing a desktop-only website on a mobile device, the text doesn’t appear at a readable size, images are often far too large and it can be impractical to search through menus and long pages.

Mobile Website Easy to load, read and navigate, mobile-friendly websites are specifically designed for easy access by a variety of devices. Consider the sheer amount of potential customers who are using mobile devices, and you’ll understand why it’s important to consider this style of web design. Here are the basic advantages and disadvantages of a more mobile-centric approach.

Advantages Mobile-friendly websites draw in a larger percentage of searches, and are far easier to navigate with smartphones and tablets. An optimized website is typically easy to read, both with mobile devices and desktops. With some creative use of design elements, a website can be optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing. A mobile-friendly site targets some of the most important elements needed for a higher conversion rate.

Disadvantages It can be more time consuming to create a mobile-optimized website. Often, you will have to completely redesign some of the most effective desktop elements in order to adapt to a mobile device. However, because the number of mobile users continues to rise steadily, making your website mobile-friendly is probably a worthy investment.

Effective Website Design If you are looking to increase your views and increase your customer base successfully and long-term, consider optimizing your website for mobile viewing. It’s an excellent way to grow your business naturally and efficiently. Instead of spending your precious time and money trying to design a mobile website on your own, invest in Endless Revenue Marketing. A partnership with a highly qualified team of expert web designers can help you target an increasing mobile-user client base, advertise in a professional way that compliments your brand and be inspired by a positive and goal-oriented attitude.

Whether your web designed aims to share information you’re passionate about, or bring in new customers for your products and services, contact Endless Revenue Marketing today for a friendly and highly specialized action plan for your new, mobile-friendly website design. Adapt to the market trends and join the growing number of highly-accessible mobile websites.

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