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Is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

For some business owners, traditional marketing is still a better option for them but other people who opted for this type of marketing had already entered both traditional and digital marketing as well. Since we’re now in the digital era, people are confused on which type of marketing they should follow and sometimes the reason why they’re perplexed is because they don’t have a clear definition of each marketing type.

Between traditional marketing and digital marketing, which one is a better option?

  • Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is the conventional mode of marketing that only reaches semi-targeted audiences because of the offline marketing. It has five major categories which are print, broadcast, direct mail, telephone and outdoor. The selling techniques remained the same which rely on the four P’s of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. Though this type of marketing is still effective, the cons of traditional marketing is that it can only have a limited interaction and has a higher cost. It cannot be easily updated and has limited customization options.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or online marketing is done through the help of the internet. The interactions, transactions or any related work can be done through mobile phones and any other gadgets. This type of marketing has been very effective because internet has been overused by people that they find online shopping a lot more convenient rather than going to the physical stores. As per Lyfe Marketing, digital marketing has grown exponentially over the past decades so it’s clear that between the two types of marketing, digital marketing has a definite edge. A huge part of the population uses the internet so if you want your brand to be known, you should consider entering the digital world of marketing.

According to Lyfe Marketing, more than 80% of consumers and buyers research online before investing on a product and 90% B2C businesses showed that being on social media is the most effective marketing tactic. This just means that taking digital marketing into consideration is very important for your brand.

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  • Where to invest?

There is a huge advancement with digital marketing and it can generate sales without spending too much from your wallet and promoting your business has a lesser cost than traditional marketing which needs to be printed for flyers and brochures which needs to be consistent to show results. Digital ads however can target a specific audience and change afterwards.

Overall, choosing and going digital is a better option because of its many benefits and advantage rather than traditional marketing. Digital marketing offers a wide variety of tools that’ll help your business growth unlike traditional marketing that only has limited tools that can be used and is very costly. If you’re still a small and starting business, then going digital is the best for you. Still, if you’re already a growing business that had already tasted success, digital marketing is still a better option in increasing your sales and revenue to be a lot more successful overtime.

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