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Instagram Marketing 2020: How Instagram Algorithm Works

One of the most popular social media platforms nowadays that also generates a lot of new users everyday is called Instagram. You can see a lot of celebrities, social media influencers, artists, businesses, etc., on Instagram since it is a good place to market your brand. It also helps people gain more popularity and increases their visibility so the more they get recognized on Instagram, the more hours these people spend on it because of the recognition they are getting. Being recognized is very important for brands, so Instagram marketing contributes a lot to the attention they are getting.

Although a lot of people spend their time on Instagram, some of them don’t know how Instagram marketing functions, which is why in this article we will discuss how the Instagram algorithm works. It has six key ranking factors which are separated into three main factors and three additional criteria.

  1. Interest

This factor depends on each user’s interest. The contents that show on each user’s feed is based on what Instagram thinks you’ll be a lot more interested in. When you see your feed and see the order of each photo and videos uploaded there, it means that are the contents Instagram thinks you are interested in. Instagram does not prioritize popularity; they care more about how relevant contents are to your interest.

  • Timeliness

You might notice that Instagram shows you recent and relevant posts on your feed. They care more about posts that are recent and are connected with your interest so that is exactly what they are showing on your feed. Each posts that are shown on your feed are recent posts while still following the first main criteria of their algorithm. This is why if you want to be a part of instagram marketing, you should always create contents that are relevant and recent.

  • Relationship

No matter how many people you are following, you will always see first the posts of the people you have a close relationship with. Instagram chooses these people by figuring out the people you’ve searched for, direct messages, know in real life, and with contents you like.

  • Frequency

This is related to how often a user opens their instagram account. Their feeds will still only show the best posts since they last used and opened their Instagram account.

  • Following
    The contents of the people you follow is also a factor on how Instagram algorithm chooses which content to show on your feed.
  • Usage

If you use Instagram in short sessions, they show the most relevant posts on your feed first. If you use them and browse longer, they provide a lot more contents that are fresh so you’ll continue browsing.

You probably know people who have done Instagram marketing, or have seen a brand market their business on Instagram. This is how Instagram algorithms work and how they help businesses build their recognition on the social media platform. The amount of followers they have don’t matter or their engagement if they don’t pass the three main factors above.

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