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How to Respond to Your Customer Reviews on Social Media

How to Respond to Your Customer Reviews on Social Media

Customer reviews online are very essential to business success. As we all know, most people use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to express their thoughts almost about anything in their life whether it’s positive or negative. Social media has evolved marketing and customer service which is why businesses now respond to the customer via social media quickly. 
Some business owners see social media platforms as a problem since customers can easily complain about their products and services in it. While other companies think it’s a great way to acquire more customers locally and globally. The thing is, every business needs to get customer reviews online and locally and then respond to the customers as soon as possible.
As a golden rule, customer service representatives of businesses should aim to respond to all of their social media comments and mentions quickly. The way your business reply to the customer reviews online will differ depending on whether they are negative or positive customer reviews. Here are some ways to respond to each.
For Happy Customers:
1. Say Thank You – The general rule in receiving a compliment from your customers is to say “Thank you.” You can personalize your message by mentioning or tagging the name of the customer in your comment.
2. Share the Comment – You can retweet or share their comment on your story or your wall to show the customer that you appreciate their effort and for making time to give you a review.
3. Show Interest by asking Be engaged with them by taking a step further by showing interest in the customer giving you a positive comment. You can mention them on your next post and even ask them what would they love to have from your next post.
For Upset Customers:
1. Apologize and start a private conversation – The golden rule is to apologize and sympathize with the upset customer. Just apologize and offer a way to solve their problem which can be done through a refund or replacement.
2. Never delete complaints – If you were able to respond to the upset customer and have addressed them appropriately, leaving the complaint up can be advantageous. Resolved complaints will surely make your brand feel more real. This way it lets other customers know that you’re handling the customer’s problem and that you’re not ignoring it.
If you need some help for your customer review strategy and customer reviews marketing, don’t hesitate to contact Endless Revenue Marketing as they aim to help businesses grow and add new customers by leveraging the power of Facebook ads and follow up marketing techniques.

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