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How to Manage a Facebook Page Effectively

How to Manage a Facebook Page Effectively

With over 2.23 billion active users, Facebook is one of the best marketing tools to which your company has access. The interactive nature of the social media site allows you to make personal connections with your customers and potential clients. However, just owning a Facebook account won’t make your company an instant success. Like any viable marketing campaign, it takes patience, skill, and ingenuity for your company to benefit. The following Facebook marketing tips are a great place to start.

Engage with Followers This may seem obvious, but the first step to making use of Facebook as an effective marketing strategy is to engage with your followers. Before you engage followers, you have to understand your audience. Do some basic research into your followers’ demographics, and then create posts that are targeted towards them. This can be as simple as posting your products on your page, or as complex as creating a unique video that relates to your company, specifically for Facebook.
Once you have your followers talking, make sure to keep the conversation going. Reply to their comment and messages.After social media is meant to be social.

Page Promotion If your organic Facebook management engagement isn’t bringing in the number of followers to your business page on Facebook that you would like, then it is time to pull out the big-guns: page promotion. Since Facebook doesn’t force users to pay a fee to use their website, they instead make money through advertisements like page promotions. These promotions are easy and affordable to take advantage of. 
For page promotion, you can create an advertisement that calls viewers to “like” your page. You can choose what type of demographic sees this ad, which will ideally help it gain the most traction.
Similarly, you can boost just one of your posts. If you have a post that is doing well, like a Facebook-only coupon for your shop, you can boost that post across a certain demographic, so people who don’t follow you can also see it.

Approach it as a Long-Term Investment In business, you have to spend money to make money. The same holds true for Facebook business growth. When creating your Facebook page, you have to approach it as a long-term investment. Early on, invest in someone to help you create stunning visuals for your profile and banner pictures. Also consider hiring a content manager to create unique and appealing content. 
You may even find it beneficial to pay for advertisements. This cost may build up on the front end, but when used correctly Facebook can be a large source for lead generation and revenue. When properly cultivated, the expenses are worth it. 

Use Questions to Promote Engagement When determining how to grow a Facebook page, remember, engagement is key. An easy way to increase your engagement is by asking questions. These questions should be relevant toward your business, but still cause a bit of controversy in your comments. For example, if you own a pet food company, you can ask your followers: “Is wet food or dry food better for your dog?” The question seems simple enough, but pet owners have strong opinions.

Regular Posting of Quality Content All of these points really boil down to an essential effective Facebook marketing principal: post quality content, and post it often. On average, the daily Facebook user is on the social media site for almost an hour a day. Every day when they log in, they should see engaging, unique content from your business page. 
Like any marketing strategy, determine what works and what doesn’t. Scrap the ineffective posts, and follow the likes. The more quality content you create, like videos and photos, the more likely your followers will share the posts. Shares ultimately lead to more likes, which should lead to customers.
If you own business pages on Facebook, help is here to support you along the way. Visit to learn more about growing your Facebook page.

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