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How To Know If Your SEO Is Broken

Sometimes a little cardio for the brain helps us to keep our minds active and healthy. Imagine finally deciding to go your dream restaurant, but when you get there, you are slapped with the “Sorry We’re Closed” sign. How would you have felt? It’s like seeing a topic you really liked but when you clicked to read more, all you see was a 404 error or SEO broken links! 

What exactly are SEO broken links? Why do they exist? How do we figure them out? And how do we fix them? Before we go into beast mode, we need to slow down and study the situation first. Exploring the specifics is essential towards SEO success.

SEO broken links are hazardous to your business because it ruins your credibility or reputation. It also hurts your rankings pulling you down from the top. For this reason, it is recommended to be able to find ways to detect them right away. 

Enumerated below are the ways to figure out if you have SEO broken links:

  1. As you evaluate your SEO, utilize an enterprise search platform for a lightning-fast pace in gauging your SEO’s performance. Dashboards easily reveal collected data from several sources for a quick overview of all things that you need to know.
  2. Basically, your traffic, ranking, indexing, crawling, and other processes can be detected via a popular software called Google Analytics. In this way, you are directed to your exact post or article that was not performing well.
  3. Another reliable report that helps you detect SEO broken links is the Google Search Console. It displays your visitors’ impressions, your ranking, as well as the total number of clicks for your posts. If you happen to find posts that have lesser clicks than the rest, then there must be something wrong with your content, links, or other areas of that specific post.
  4. Google Ads are also great determinants for possible errors in your links or contents, especially if the visitors found you through organic search. They show data on search terms with organic listings.
  5. And if you are able to do an in-depth search for tools that will help you figure out SEO broken links, there are actually tons of free ranking tools that are available at your disposal. They offer diagnostics on how trends affect organic performance.
  6. Or if you know people who knows SEO even when they’re asleep, you might as well ask that someone. People whom you know might even do this for FREE when you know where to search and what to type down. You can easily do this with LinkedIn, Twitter, Webmaster Help Community, and so much more.

Knowing how to find SEO broken links will not only save your website, it will help you find solutions to make it even better with specific improvements that you can impose to your posts or articles for a much better ranking. After finding your SEO broken links, your next possible step would be to work those links and determine if you really need them or not in order to boost your post.

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