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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re new to social media or still a social media illiterate; you’ll really find it hard to think of a social media marketing strategy if you want to bring your brand online. When planning to enter the social media for your business, there are a lot of things you should consider and strategy always come first. Not having a strategy is like digging your own company’s grave and that is what we would not want to happen. Posting on social media isn’t enough; you should have an understanding on what your goals are and what are your target audiences.

Developing a social media marketing strategy is very important, but how do you create it? Well, there are questions you should ask your self first such as why do you want to get engaged in social media? Who are your target audience? what, when and where are you going to share? Here’s what we learned from Mashable:

  • Set your goals

Your social media goal will reflect on the question “why do you want to get engaged in social media?”. Are you on social media for your goals? If so, what are your social media goals? This could be to increase your brand awareness, grow revenue, gain website traffic, generate new leads, provide social customer service or listen to conversations about your brand. Your goal may not have been on this list but what’s important is that you have your goals.

  • Your target audience

Having a better understanding on your target audience will help you answer the second question. You should figure out who they are and where do they usually hang online or what platform do they usually use like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What are their interests that you can provide and also when do they look for the content you provide? Do they read the social media post to consumer your content and why are they reading it?

  • What and where are you going to share

The “what,” stands for what theme do you want for your brand? Social media marketing wouldbe effective if your brand has already established its own even if you have multiple themes. The where asks where do you plan on sharing your content? It doesn’t have to be on all social media platforms, focusing on fewer platforms will help you focus to create a better content.

  • When do you plan on doing these strategies?

Obviously, the last question is asking when are you ready to share your content. You don’t have to rush on launching it out of pressure because you might fail if you don’t consider when do your target audience usually use social media for the type of content you share.

Once you’ve executed your social media marketing strategy, you’re new ready to enter the social media platforms for your business. Although these are just ideas and advice, your success would still depend on how well you’ve laid out your strategy. Always keep in mind that a high quality content is better than just creating it for the sake of posting. It’s very rewarding once you’ve accomplished your goals.

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