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How Much Do Great Websites Cost?

Establishing a web presence is an essential part of setting up a successful business, but how much does a great website cost? The answer is complicated. Like every aspect of your business, the more you pay, the better the end product will be. The average cost of a website depends on the features you want to add

Domain The website domain is an essential cost. The domain is one of the cheapest expenses you will face, but is also the most important. A domain is the URL that people will type into their browser to find your website. It usually costs about $20. However, if you have a customized domain instead of the standard “dot com” you can face rates as high as $300 a year. 

Invest in Quality  If you can’t stop wondering, “how much should I expect to pay for a website,” the truth is the cost depends on your company. A website is truly an investment. The amount of money you pour in at the beginning, the better your website will be. Instead of worrying about how much it will cost to build a website, you should outline the website features that are most important to you. 
In the digital age, your website is the face of your company. By creating a unique, efficient, and inviting website, you are making a positive first impression. The cost of a new website is anywhere from $500 to well over $10,000. Although this is a hard pill to swallow for new businesses, investing the money will be worth it when leads turn into customers.

Website Design Once you have acquired a domain and hosting site, you can actually start building your website. This is where the website costs really fluctuates. The price depends on the size of your website, the amount of content you want to add, and who is building it. In general, you can save a lot of money by creating a website yourself. However, this is a tricky line to walk. If you do not have a strong understanding of web building, you can leave out essential tasks and leave out many important features. 

Instead of the DIY option, most companies rely on an outside designer, like Endless Revenue Marketing to design a website for them. Our expert designers work with your company to create a website within your budget. This ensures you have all the features you need, without any bugs in the system. We also support you as your company grows. To determine the best budget for your company website, you can contact our team.

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