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Why is being on the
first page of Google
important to your business?

The First Page 1 of Google captures a whopping 93% of all traffic!

More Traffic = More Leads = More Sales = More Profit

Going from page 2 to position 10 on page 1 increases your website traffic by over 198%

That means you can’t afford to be ranking on the
second, third, or fourth page of Google.

There’s a joke that asks,
“Where should you bury something that you don’t want people to find?”

Answer: On the second page of Google.

Sure, it’s corny. But there’s still some truth to that statement.

SEO ROI by Industry

 Here is what everyone wants to know…
What is the ROI of this kind of service?
How long before I can break even on my investment?

Based on Industry over the past 3 years…Here is what we have been able to do.

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Let Talk Numbers

Real World Example from Real Estate Industry
This data is for only one keywords search phrase.

Google Click Through Rate (CTR) as of 2022

This table shows the average click through by position for a website on the First Page of Google.


Real word scenario: per month with data from the above chart.

Keyword Search volume: 60,000 (east TN average 60k per month)

Average Website Position: 5th

Industry: Real Estate

Search Keyword: Homes for sale Eastern Tennessee

Industry SEO Conversion Rate: ~2.8%


Formula: New Leads = Search Vol * Search Position * Conv Rate

1st Position:    60K * 28.5% * 2.8% = 478.8 nlpm (new leads per month)

5th Position:    60k * 7.7% * 2.8% = 129.36 nlpm

10th Position:  60K * 2.5% * 2.8% = 42 nlpm

Note: Only 7% of Google searches go to page 2.
What could your business do with this many new leads every month?
What is the value of these new leads?

Calculate ROI

What is your industry or your business closure rate?
How much do you profit on average for a new client?

Let’s figure out the ROI.


Monthly ROI = New Leads * Closure Rate * Profit per customer – ERM FPoG Service Cost
Conservative Closure Rate: ~10%
Profit per new client: $1,000

1st Position on Google: 479 * 10% * $1,000 – ERM Cost = 5,815.06% ROI
5th Position on Google: 130 * 10% * $1,000 – ERM Cost = 1,571.09% ROI
10th Position on Google: 42 * 10% * $1,000 – ERM Cost = 510.09% ROI

We estimated a VERY low conversion rate of only 10% per new lead and a VERY small profit $1,000 per sale.
Adjust your number accordingly…

What are you waiting for?

The Power of SEO

 We start with a 1-year contract,
GUARANTEE your website hits (for 1+ keywords) the First Page of Google within the contract period.
But the real magic happens between year 2 and 3 and beyond.

The longer you continue to use this service the higher your ranking will become.
Can your website make it to #1 on page 1?

Need More Proof:
Google Statistics 2022

5.6 Billion searches per day and rising

46% of product searches begin with a Google Search

93% of users click on a link on the first page of the search results

With 167 billion searches per month, getting on the first page of Google is like putting your business on the busiest road in town.

More than 90% of all internet searches are taking place through Google and the company subsidary Youtube.

Chances are, more than half of your web traffic started with a search. According to a study conducted by BrightEdge, this means that over 40% of revenue is captured through organic search traffic.

70-80% of users click on organic search results, ignoring paid placement

Paid search only drives 10% of site traffic, while social takes credit for 5% of website traffic.

Organic search drives more than 52% of all website traffic. 

63% of search traffic originate from mobile devices

21% of searchers click more than one result.

Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time. Search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results on Google 

SEO, when done right, is a game changer for any industry.

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