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What we want you to understand as a business is how important getting in front of your target market is. What we do with our facebook advertising service is get your ads, posts, videos, and offers in the faces of your desired customers! Heres how it we do it: 

We choose the objective for your ad: For every Facebook ad, you have to have an objective. Whether that be to get people to see your website, come in your store, like your business page, send you a message, get more post engagement, or more video views. The objective we choose makes a difference in getting the best results for your ads and getting people to take the action you want them to take.  ​

We choose the demographics for your ad: Having the ability to target down to the demographic level separates our service from conventional advertising methods. We can choose who sees your ads location, gender, age, language, interests, behaviors, job title, income, etc.  ​

We help you determine your daily ad budget: For every ad campaign you have to choose a daily budget. Facebook takes out a fee to promote your ad. So, obviously the more you spend per day the more people you will reach.​

We create your ad(s): We create your ads and multiple versions to get the best results. A lot goes into the ad like the headline, text, images/videos, and the insights of how Facebook likes these details to look. 

We optimize your ads: We constantly are behind the scenes monitoring and tweaking your ads to get the best results based on the data we are receiving.

Check out the data!

The data proves itself. If you could see that women from the age of 55-64 are the ones clicking on your ads the most, how would that change your marketing strategy as a business? You can gain so much insight into your market by using our service. Not only that you will be able to see how many people your ads are reaching! You can’t get that kind of data from the radio, newspaper, or billboard ads. Having the ability to see how your ads are performing is every businesses dream!

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