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Email Marketing Campaigns 2020: Tips to Make your it More Effective

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategy types known to be very effective. Email marketing campaigns helps you build and nurture relationships, convert leads into customers, and lengthen your customer lifecycle with this strategy.

Statistics showed that email marketing is still relevant up to this day and in fact, OpenVine had summarized these results. 59% of B2C marketers report that email is their biggest ROI source, 73% of Millennials prefer email communications from businesses, and 79% of B2B marketers find email to be the most effective method for demand generation..

Below are the tips to make your email marketing campaigns a lot more effective this year.

  • Enhance your subject line

Your subject line should be short but creative. It should gain the attention of the audience but also stay relevant to your business and agenda. A subject line shouldn’t be long, save it for the context of the email or else it wouldn’t be good for your email marketing campaigns.

  • Welcome message

Whenever you gain a new contact, make sure you send them a warm welcome message so they will know that you are grateful to have them. Audiences will always appreciate receiving emails like that and make sure you introduce yourself or your business to them. In the welcome message email, the context should also contain information such as new offers, specials and discounts. Put all the necessary emails as much as possible especially those which they need to know.

  • Make the email brief and concise

People usually don’t like long messages especially if it’s not straightforward. Don’t waste the time of your target audience by elongating the email and end up only telling them an unnecessary detail or a single information. Time is gold for people; especially to your valued customers. Also give them the opportunity to be able to share your email so if their friends or relatives might or are interested with your services and products, they can just easily press share of forward to them.

  • Mobile version of your email campaigns

Make sure that the email is created is also available for mobile viewing especially that most people nowadays usually use their phone to receive and read an email especially if they’re resting. Consider first the text, make sure it isn’t cut off. Second, images. Make sure the images are high quality when viewed on a mobile phone so that it can be viewed properly.

Purchasing email lists isn’t an ideal thing to do just to reach out to your target audience. It may not result to the conversion rates you want and will only waste your email marketing campaign. You can opt for another instead of buying an email list. For example, you can grow your email list organically through your website, social media accounts and other marketing methods. Another tip is to make the sender address a person because people will view it as a lot more trustworthy email and will prevent your email being moved to spam.

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