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Effective Ecommerce Tools For 2020 You Can Use

Effective Ecommerce Tools For 2020 You Can Use

Since the ecommerce industry has been increasing in number, you might fear that it’ll be hard to stay ahead of your competitors. Ecommerce tools are made to help your online store with its operation and you, to achieve your goal.

There are different tools according to Hub Spot . There are plug-ins, add-ons, software for shopping carts and even an all in one website builder. The best eCommerce tool for you depends on the situation you’re in to be able to help you use your maximum potential in managing your online store. All your eCommerce store tasks will be easier with these tools.

Listed below are ecommerce tools that you can check out with their features and pricing.

  1. Shopify

Among other tools, it’s safe to say that Shopify is the most popular eCommerce tool because it basically has everything you need especially if you’re still starting your eCommerce. It helps you establish your eCommerce website from scratch with shopping cart software and website creation plus it’s very easy for anyone to use even for beginners. It’s price depends on the plan you will avail. It has three plans: basic Shopify that costs $29 per month, Shopify that costs $79 per month and the advanced Shopify for $299 per month.

  • BigCommerce

The list won’t be complete if BigCommerce is not on the list. BigCommerce has the best tools for SEO, conversions and inventory management. They also have 24/7 customer support via phone, email and live chat for the convenience of their customers especially if they need assistance if something went wrong. Their standard plan costs $29.95 per month while BigCommerce Plus costs $79.95 per month while Pro starts at $299.95 per month.

  • Wix

This platform is probably the simplest website builder among other tools. You can establish a high quality website with high quality pictures, videos, text and other media types plus it allows you to add features such as shopping wishlists, related products section, add to cart button and etc. Their price, as per “starts at $13 per month. But not every Wix subscription supports online selling. The ecommerce plans with the ability to accept online payments range from $23 to $49 per month. Enterprise solutions start at $500 per month.”

  • WooCommerce

If you have a WordPress website, you can add WooCommerce as a plug-in. The platform offers customization and allows popular payment platforms and all you have to do is install the plug-in and from there you can start customizing. Although it is free to add this plug-in to your WordPress website, extensions have their price that sometimes cost $300 and up.

These eCommerce tools are guaranteed to help you with your eCommerce store; but the perfect tool for you would still depend on what store related problem you have. Are you starting from scratch or do you just need enhancement for your store? The perfect solution is probably listed above. Decide what is best solution for your problem and if it’s perfect for your budget.

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