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Digital Marketing 2020: Is Printing Industry Dead?

The digital marketing industry has become so advanced that people started questioning if the changes are detrimental to the printing industry or even able to wipe it out. Though this question has been going around since the digital industry evolved and the printing industry has been declining; the latter until now is still alive and thriving. The reduction in employment though is undeniable.

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According to Quality Info, the annual average employment rate dropped about 46% since 2001 and it’s safe to say that it’s all because of the modern digital industry.

Are the changes in the digital marketing accountable for the status of the industry? How does the printing industry survive despite the evolution of the digital industry?

  1. Value of the Printing Industry

As per Keap, eMarketer estimated that almost $457 billion dollars was spent by businesses on paid media. Although the larger portion went to digital marketing and $53 billion dollars went to global print advertisement; it is still far from a “dying industry” as some claim to be. The industry still continues to prosper despite the drop in sales because people still believe in the value of printed media. The advantages of digital advertising are undeniable, but the proper strategy used by printing businesses would help a lot to gain more sales again.

2.Printed ads over online advertisements

Some people still find online advertisements a hindrance and a nuisance. The sudden ads that pop up on whatever site you’re in or even simply watching in YouTube is a form of digital marketing that some people dislike; and this is why some people like printed ads better. You are given the choice whether you would like to read the printed material or you can just simply ignore it. Unlike online advertisements, the printing industry lets you decide whether you would want to see the advertisement or not.

3.Printed media is still the best choice

When reading a printed material, there are no distractions and this lets you absorb the message of what you are reading compared to doing it online. There are still some people who prefer old-fashioned techniques rather than coping up digitally because of different reasons. Newspapers, magazines, brochures and leaflets can still be seen elsewhere even in public and you can see promoters handing out leaflets in malls.

To summarize this article; the digital marketing may have outgrown the printed ads, but the latter still won’t be phased out that easily. It is evolving and not dying. The success of the printed media would still rely on how the industry will cope up with the continuous evolution of the digital industry what strategy they would use to keep people interested.

The paper products would still play a role in our society despite the reduction in employments but hopefully; the future of the printing industry would be prosperous than they had been over the last few years.

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