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Creating Social Media Ads That Convert

Creating Social Media Ads That Convert

Creating Social Media Ads That Convert

With so many people glued to their phones, social media marketing has become an amazing tool for marketers. It’s fast, cheap, and is allows you to interact with your followers. But the content you are creating doesn’t matter unless it is converting followers into customers! The average social media marketing campaign has a conversion rate of 2-5%. While this may seem low, it is important to realize that, at scale, this can translate into quite a few sales. Moreover, higher rates have been seen in successful social media campaigns. If you want to turn followers into customers, it all starts with great copy.

Create Copy that Causes Conversions Social media marketing apps and websites is essentially a platform for your company to brand itself. From your photos to daily posts, you are cultivating how customers see you. The copy you use is an essential part of this equation. When creating social media posts, the words you use can either inspire potential customers to take action, or turn them off from your company entirely. You should shoot for the former, rather than the latter. Since social media is so personal, you should write your copy like you are sitting next to your customers and just having a conversation. You should sound like a trusted friend, not an uptight professional. With that in mind, how you start the conversation is crucial. The most important part of any post is the first sentence. Between work, family, and the stress of life, people don’t have time to waste on terrible posts. You can reel customers in by starting with an interesting one liner; for example, pose a question or use shock and awe. This will get your followers attention, and lead them to your call for action.

Go Easy on the Eyes Writing beautiful copy is just half of the battle. Not only do your words have to draw attention, but the way you format your text should draw attention too. By managing the use of white space on social media, you can highlight certain parts of your text, and have your post stand out amongst the friend requests and birthday greetings. 
To have a successful social media campaign, you also need to include striking images that will make users stop scrolling. 80% of all social media marketing campaigns include photos, because they tend to grasp attention. You can include a plain photo of your products or models, or, you can create infographics. Eye-tracking studies show social media users pay close attention to infographics, and will actually spend more time reading an infographic than they will the accompanying text on the page. 

Get the Help You Need to Succeed!  Growing your web presence can be difficult, but when done correctly, your social media pages will thrive. If you are worried about creating outstanding copy or photos, Endless Revenue Marketing can help. Our expert social media strategists have years of experience to help your social media profiles thrive. 

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