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Corona Virus: Joint Statement

In light of the current situation, we here Endless Revenue Marketing ( ), Vallie Insurance ( ), and Computer Pros ( ) would like to address a bit about the Corona virus, both as a public service and as business owners to business owner. We care about the health and safety of our community, and it’s continued growth.

One thing we would like to mention is the effect of this virus on small business. As more people are isolating, businesses like restaurants, bakeries, and other businesses that rely on face to face or public visits will be affected. If you are nervous about visiting your favorite restaurant, consider contacting them and see if they offer gift cards. That way you can still help support them through this crisis, help them maintain the level of quality you expect from them, help keep a cash flow in the community, and as a bonus- once the threat has diminished, you can treat yourself to a wonderful celebratory dinner using the gift card! It’s a win all around.

Many services and schools are encouraging “work from home/ attend from home” programs, using the computer to be able to attend classes and meetings while isolated. Facetime, Skype, Facebook video and social media are a great way to remain active and social while at home. It’s important to still stay in contact with friends and family during this time. Please be aware that services such as Computer Pros ( ) are working hard to have remote repair services in place so that they may help maintain that connection and be able to work through this.

The elderly and the ill are the most effected be this virus. Please check on them as you can. Many elderly are scared to go to the store, knowing they are in the higher risk category. If you are capable, offering to make store runs for them, helping them to get their prescription medicines picked up, and helping them remain comfortable is very needed service. Be aware of what business deliver also, especially for needed items like medication when a person is unable to get out.

Local and small business is likely to be hurt by this. Please keep them in mind. Many face to face businesses, like real estate, accountants, small shops, construction, installation services, and even mechanics will be affected. Please keep them in your thoughts, support small and local business in any way possible, utilize the technology available to you to attending meetings remotely, and stay safe and happy.

Also, many business like Vallie Insurance ( ) will continue working as normal. For house calls and policies signatures, they are willing to wear masks, come to you on new business, and protect your health in any way possible. They are also reminding consumers about the option to pay online, get quotes over the phone, and minimize any risks. Other business may also follow this model, so be sure to call ahead and see what options are available to you.

To our clients, if your business is affected, please contact us so we may help you reach out to your customer base and make them aware of any changes in hours of ways to contact you ASAP.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone that may be able to use.

We wish everyone the very best, and are always here to help in any ways we can.

Thank you,

Endless Revenue Marketing ( ), Vallie Insurance ( ), and Computer Pros ( )

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