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Blog VS Vlog Guide. Which One To Start?

As we are faced with a lot of options on which contents would bring us relevant facts and entertaining information that we can use and apply in our daily lives; people are comparing blogs vs. vlogs as to how compelling they both are. It’s no surprise that blogs vs. vlogs are a constant issue among individuals or businesses who want to succeed in their marketing efforts.

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Blogs vs. vlogs are both efficient techniques that will aid in promoting more traffic and brand awareness. They are perfect tools that you can use for SEO and other marketing strategies. In order to fully comprehend how they are alike or how they differ from each other, let us first define the two trending tactics of the present.

BLOGS – blogs are regular posts of quality contents often owned by a single author or website that helps in promoting their business or provide pertinent information that consumers may benefit from.

VLOGS – websites containing more videos than contents with texts are known as vlogs. They act similarly as blogs and offer convenient ways of sharing information through visual content.

Similarly, as we understand how blogs vs. vlogs are making waves over the internet, we need to explore the perks and drawbacks of each side. This is will be an awesome moment to determine what we need to use and when to utilize each form of expression.

Now if you’re ready, let us examine the diversity of blogs vs. vlogs for a clearer view of their pros and cons.

Reasons Why Blogs Work & Why They Don’t:

  1. Statistics reveal that more than half of the total internet users discover their answers on search queries via blogs.
  2. With blogs, the generation of content takes lesser time.
  3. In starting blogs, you don’t need tons of resources.
  4. When it comes to the loading speed of the page, blogs load faster than vlogs with similar content.
  5. The charges for hosting blogs are lesser compared to vlogs.
  6. Because it can easily be done, there is fierce competition among many bloggers.
  7. More mistakes in grammar will lead to lower rankings.
  8. Blogs are less creative than vlogs because you’d have to leave everything to your imagination.
  9. Since contents are in texts, they can be easily plagiarized.
  10. Subscribers cannot easily be gained.
  11. High traffic is obtainable only if you have a basic understanding of SEO.

The Best and Worst Things About Vlogs That You Should Know:

  1. Bounce rates are reduced significantly with vlogs’ highly engaging contents.
  2. With vlogs, you can readily acquire followers and subscribers.
  3. Vlogs tend to rank higher in search engines.
  4. It takes a lot of time and effort in order to complete a single video or vlog.
  5. Consistency will be a challenge when it comes to generating content regularly or on a daily basis.
  6.  You need to spend on high-quality equipment such as audio enhancers, video editors, as well as microphones, and web hosting plans for better video quality and overall results.
  7. More sluggish page speed as compared to a blog with similar contents.

One thing that you can take away from the issue about blogs vs. vlogs is the mere fact that both can push your business to the top once you learn the secrets on how they promote brand awareness and foster trust to your readers or followers.

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