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Blog Tips 2020: Use These 20 Smart Business Buzzwords

Wikipedia defines buzz words as “technical terms that are catchy or are made memorable through metamorphosis.” They are also jargon-like words and phrases which are at least mentioned once in every corporate meeting or work. These words and phrases are not always understood by everyone as they can be cringe-worthy, overused and unimportant.

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Still, understanding buzz words is important, and if you’re asking why, it’s because buzz words are a part of the corporate world and is like their language. Not being able to understand these words is like not being able to understand the business industry itself.

Buzz words are used in the published blog posts whether it is for marketing, sales or service in a company’s website. Here is a list of 20 smart business buzz words you can use when writing a blog article for a business website.


The word impact is a better choice than the word “affect” or “effect” because it sounds a lot more powerful and professional.


A sales quota is the proportional share or part which a sales rep targets to acquire in a certain period of time.

Corporate Synergy

This buzz word isn’t widely understood and is hard to define, but INC. says it usually “refers to coordinating and collaborating more effectively in an organization.”


When a status quo is interrupted, the term used is either disruption, disruptive or disruptor.


It is obviously a combination of the words “free” and “premium” which is used when a business offers the basic version of their product or service is offered for free but the additional premium services or features are paid to fully enjoy the experience.

Deep dive

Also known as brainstorming. Professionals use this term when they want to say they want to come up with new ideas.

Reach out

This term is used to contact someone.

Out of pocket

This term is an alternative for the word “unavailable” which refers to a person.


Is used to describe sending a message to someone.

Core competency

In business, this term refers to the things where the company is good at.


A term used when you motivate someone to get something done.

Bleeding edge

A term used when the company is ahead of trends.


Another term for coming up with ideas.


After coming up with ideas, you’ll need to unpack them.


This word in business terms means to “improve.”

Drill down

A term used when there’s a problem to get to the root of the issue.


A term used when asking someone if they have time for a talk.

Low-hanging fruit

A term used when there is an easy win you can grab.


Is an obvious mixture of the words “advertisement” and entertainment,” which means creating an advertisement that is entertaining.


Refers to a person’s specialty area.

At least one word from this list of buzz words are frequently mentioned on blog posts of a business. It can also be heard on personal conversations of businessmen so if you belong to the corporate world, knowing at least ten of these words or phrases will help you understand the corporate language better.

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