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Blog Ideas 2020: Top 50 Profitable Niche

With the numerous existing fields of study and the millions of interesting things to explore, it is easily overwhelming to decide on a blog topic for 2020. Well, we do have our own interests that we’d like to discover further and there are blog topics for 2020 that your audience may like. Which should you follow first when it comes to creating blog contents?

If you are more about creative writing, you may very well start with your own interests. But, if you are writing in order to promote a product or service for a company, then we’d suggest following what your audience wants to read. Sounds a bit too tough, right?

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When you come to think of it, finding your blog topics for 2020 is not that difficult once you know the niche of your brand. You’ll probably even have more topics to talk about than you’ll ever expect once you’ll discover what makes your audience tick.

We’ll make it easier for you to decide on your next blog topic for 2020 as we come up with a lineup of the top 50 niches than you can expound with your blog contents:

  1. Try going to a place in your city that you’ve never been to and create contents for a CITY GUIDE so that outsiders can locate the best spots where they can get the most out of their budget.
  2.  For everyone seeking to explore new destinations, try writing about TRAVEL TIPS in order to help ease the concerns for safety, budgeting, packing, and local transportation.
  3. And because we are all born under DIFFERENT CULTURES, people will benefit from this when they set foot on a new country having various cultural views other than your own.
  4. Aside from the difference in our beliefs, we must also tackle the VARIOUS LANGUAGES spoken throughout the world.
  5. If you happen to TRAVEL FOR WORK make your layovers productive by putting into writing your best experiences in each country you’ve just visited.
  6. Because everyone is into wellness, gain a good profit from your blogs by talking about DIETS.
  7. You may also give beneficial insights in nourishing your body with healthy foods containing vitamins and essential minerals for NUTRITION and SUPPLEMENTS.
  8. Help people understand the power of clarity and inner peace with proper MEDITATION techniques. 
  9. We understand how most medicines are filled with chemicals and artificial products, why not go organic with HERBAL REMEDIES.
  10. Health does not only apply to your physical condition but it also pertains to your MENTAL HEALTH wellness. Help share tips on how to combat stress, anxiety, and depression through your blog posts. 
  11. There’s still a lot more to explore when it comes to fitness brought about by YOGA. More and more are getting into the trend of getting fit while achieving inner peace.
  12. With everyone wanting to achieve their body goals, creating articles about WEIGHT LOSS is a timeless topic that always sparks interest among certain readers.
  13. Another interesting blog topic for 2020 would be all about CYCLING and the specifications in getting your first bike or the best areas to do biking.
  14. Don’t just settle for anything traditional, another amazing niche is all about EXTREME SPORTS where more and more people are getting into.
  15. Get in touch with nature as you grow your own veggies or flowers and style your yard with the best tips in GARDENING.
  16. Help create better artists by giving insights on how others can improve their skills in DRAWING.
  17. You may also talk about how MUSIC changed people’s lives or you may give tips on how they can get better at playing an instrument or two.
  18. If you could have the chance to share what you know, you may talk about how you started WRITING and how others can benefit from starting their own blog posts.
  19. Share your best-kept recipes of EXOTIC CUISINE that your country is proud of. You may write and explain how to create them with authenticity.
  20. People would want to read anything that’s easy to prepare yet very tasty recipes. If you know how to COOK, share with the world.
  21. Who does not love desserts? BAKING is another good topic to focus on especially if you can share a recipe or two.
  22. And for those who have become animal rights advocates, the niche about PLANT-BASED DIET OR VEGANISM may be something worth reading.
  23. Those who have been longing to get an idea about the latest MOVIES, you may read about them in reviews or create the best line up of movies to binge-watch.
  24. For those who are into TV SHOWS, a good rating or review on those series may help them decide whether to watch and get hooked on it or not.
  25. Attract people to your site by attaching a funny ONLINE VIDEO that has a huge potential to go viral.
  26. Help people get over with boredom as you create content about COMEDY AND IMPROVISATION.
  27. With the existence of tons of newly created online games, it is better to create VIDEO GAME TUTORIALS to aid beginners in handling the game.
  28. Anybody would want to learn the BEST TIPS IN A STRATEGY GAME
  29. Despite everything going on in the online world, CARDS AND BOARD GAMES are still highly in demand.
  30. Let’s take a break and away from the digital world by convincing others to try out OUTDOOR GAMES.
  31. PERSONAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND BUDGETING is a great topic that young professionals or your average employee would like to read about.
  32. With all the chaos and anomalies in the world, people would be interested in contents about saving, investing, and FINANCIAL FREEDOM as a whole.
  33. Knowing that all our efforts today are towards a better future, it’s good to have an idea in choosing the right INSURANCE and SAVINGS that will help you in the future.
  34. Because we have no more capacity to work when we get old, it’s better to know how to prepare for RETIREMENT
  35. For single individuals, a great way to spice up your life is to get a legit DATING GUIDE.
  36. Another guide that’s worth reading is about STARTING A FAMILY AND LIVING TOGETHER.
  37. And as relationships last, eventually MARRIAGES and WEDDINGS are the next topics in line.
  38. It’s normal for relationships to have ups and downs that is why ADVISES ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS are a topic that’s also worth reading.
  39. For women getting ready to start a family especially with a baby in their womb, it’s good to have a guide about PREGNANCY AND BECOMING A FIRST-TIME PARENT.
  40. As your baby grows into a toddler, a school-age, and a teenager, you’ll need a guide in PARENTING and CHILDCARE
  41. The more your family grows, the more you need to SET ASIDE SOME MONEY FOR YOUR FAMILY.
  42. And as one family, it would be great to try out a HOBBY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.
  43. As we grow older and get into college, we are faced with the decision on what PATH TO FOLLOW FOR OUR CAREER.
  44. There are lots of things to learn especially NEW SKILLS THAT YOU CAN GAIN WITH VOCATIONAL COURSES.
  45. And because studying is hard, we can help ease that by creating STUDY HACKS.
  46. Another essentially good topic is getting TIPS AND TRICKS TO ACE THE SAT.
  47. With how SOCIAL MEDIA is affecting every company, it’s good to write about harnessing it level up your business.
  48. An exciting area that’s worth exploring is HOW TO BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER.
  49. With everyone obsessed in the online world, it is best to create a blog that talks about having TIME OFF FROM THE INTERNET.
  50. And who would not want to read about NEWS AND CURRENT EVENTS? Be updated and learn all that’s happening in the world today.

Now that we know the possible blog topics for 2020, we are ready to develop our blog contents for a great article that we can use to promote our business.

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