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Ways to Track Blog Traffic in Google Analytics

Because every blog post means a lot to your company and your business, it is only proper to discern how each content on your site is doing. You must have a decent knowledge of your blog analytics so as to get a grasp of the truth whether you are succeeding or failing in your efforts. With the right tools, you can easily arrange what you need.

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Blog analytics aren’t that hard to come by once you have a sufficient understanding of what you need to look for. Metrics such as markers for success are as visible as they can be when your efforts are bound for success. While there quite a number of metrics out there that may help you see your blog’s success, here are a few ways to where you can start searching without having that complex feeling of confusion.

Let us go over to each basic step as we learn the blog analytics that works best for the future of our business:

  1. Begin your search with the Overview Report. This is where you can easily get an overall idea about who your audiences are, how many they are, as well as the number of page views and bounce rates. In general, you can see the rise and fall of every indicator in one quick glance.
  2. Another metric that you can utilize is the comparison between new and repeat visitors. You may get useful data from those unique visitors who have just discovered your site for the first time. The same goes for your returning visitors which explains why they keep on coming back to your site.
  3. You may also check your blog analytics through the referrals section. This is the portion where you can see where the traffic is coming from and what are the resources utilized. The overview for this section can be seen through the insights.
  4. If you want to track your blog analytics, check your most popular posts. The greatest way to see how your blog is doing is by checking which among your blog posts are bringing in more visitors to your site. As you try to grow your blogs and improve on the information that you provide, this tracker helps you realize why your current copy is one that attracts more readers.
  5. And of course, how can you determine if you are doing good with your blogs if you won’t be able to see the top search terms in Google. Aside from determining whether your blogs are doing good or not, checking on the most searched google terms will help you see your current standing in the rankings. 

There is no telling how much more are the ways to determine your blog analytics. But one thing is for certain if you know what to use and when to apply the right elements for a successful blog, your contents would be a sure hit among your most avid readers. If at first you don’t succeed, you may always try again and find better ways to improve on your content to upgrade your blog analytics.

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