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Best SEO Tactics

Best SEO Tactics

In order for your company to thrive online, you have to practice search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is the process of adapting your website to have your company appear high in a search engine organic results list. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw in a few key words and end up on the top of Google. Every smart company is taking advantage of SEO marketing; so, to make your business beat the rest, there are a few of the top SEO tips 2018 you should follow. 

Keyword Research Good keywords are known as the one of the best SEO tactics. However, like all marketing campaigns, you must do some research before throwing random keywords onto your website. You can start your research by creating a list of topics relevant to your company. Once you have determined the topics, you can start a list of all the keywords that relate to the topics. 
For example, if you sell clothes, your topics can be shirts, pants, and shoes. Then, your keywords can be tank top, jeans, and flats. Once you have identified keywords, you should google them. Find out what comes up organically. Then make a list of the most successful and relevant keywords. Those are the ones that should be used on your site.

Backlinks Backlinks are essentially links from other websites that direct users to your website. They are known as one of the best SEO tips that work. The more backlinks you have, the more sites like Google think you are relevant to users. To create backlinks, you basically have to grow your network. Make allies in your community, or grow your name via social media. Then, once others trust you, they will link to your website in their company blogs or on their own social media pages. Backlinks are tricky, because you can’t necessarily create them on your own. You have to rely on others to create backlinks to your site. 

Engagement Improvement It may sound counterintuitive, but you need to gain customers to gain visibility. Google analytics can tell how many people are visiting and engaging with your site. The higher this number is, the more relevant Google believes you are, and ultimately, the higher your position will be on the organic search list. One of the best SEO tips to improve your engagement is to create compelling social media posts that link back to your website. Furthermore, you can create intriguing and useful blogs that draw users toward you. 

Make It Local If you have completed all the previous tips, but still need SEO help, you may need to simply make your site more local. Using keywords like “near me” is one of the SEO best practices of 2018. Local keywords are extremely practical based on how we search. Since we always have our smartphones on hand, people can use Google any time of day. If we want to get clothes right away, we might look up “clothes near me.” If you use that term on your website or in your advertisements customers will be drawn toward your company. 

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