Analyze Website

Do you want your website to rank well on Google?
Do you want a website with minimum or zero usability issues?
Do you want to understand your competition and drive more traffic towards your website than theirs?

If your answer to most/all questions above was a yes, then fill in the details below and let us collect, measure, analyze your web data so you can optimize it better.

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    What is website analysis?

    Simply put, website analysis helps you understand the overall performance of your website including speed, SEO, traffic and competition. It is a great tool that businesses can use to conduct research and improve website effectiveness. User-driven approach can also help identify how people are behaving and interacting with your website, what leads them to your website, the obstacles they encounter, what makes them stay and much more! This valuable information can further help you improve your website’s performance.


    • TRAFFIC: Website Analytics can help understand how many visitors are visiting your website, what keywords are they using and the source they are landing on your website from- social media, email, blogs, ads or search engines. Accordingly, you can decide which channel to focus on and invest in.
    • VISITORS: Analysis reports can help you make engaging web pages! By getting information about where your visitors are coming from, which country/region you are getting traffic from, whether or not visitors are returning to your website, which pages visitors are spending time on etc., you can increase engagement and decrease the bounce rate.
    • BOUNCE RATE: You can completely get rid of unwanted and high bounce rate pages on your website through website analytics. These numbers help you track the pages that visitors visit but leave without clicking on any link or performing any other action. Accordingly, these pages can either be improved or completely removed.
    • GREAT MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: You can measure your campaign’s performance with website analytics. This helps in investing in the right resources and campaigns to maximize your ROI.
    • TARGET MARKET: With detailed information about the visitors of your website categorized by age, gender, demographics, interests, likes, preferences etc., you can tweak your offerings to different segments.