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7 Sneaky Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

For a company to thrive in today’s highly competitive industry, they should know how to improve their branding. Brand Awareness as defined by Investopedia is a basic marketing need where new products are promoted or older brands are revived. When people begin to recognize your brand, they’ll be able to distinguish what makes your product stand out from the competition.

Companies that prosper even through decades of existence know that there are effective steps to build brand awareness. Because as your company grows, your connections, your network, and your audience grow with you. For every business that started small, they planned well for it, took action, then reaped the rewards of their efforts.

According to statistics, there’s a 30% chance of success on the succeeding venture for founders of a previously successful business. While those who failed previously have a 20% chance of succeeding compared to the 18% success rate for first-time entrepreneurs.

So, if you want to be part of the thriving companies, read on further for the sneaky tips to boost your brand awareness:

  1. Create a Loyalty Program. When you offer incentives or rewards to customers, they’ll gladly spread positive feedback about your product or service. This is a great avenue to promote and increase your brand’s presence in the industry.
  2. Use Powerful and Eye-catching Images. Since site visitors usually just browse and move on to the next, you must learn to get their attention instantly. Grab and keep their interests by showing them smart and effective messages through infographics. 
  3. Offer Options for Free Trials and Upgrades. Let your prospects or customers feel that they have a choice by providing them with alternatives. You can offer free versions for a limited time or they can opt to proceed with paid premium accounts. 
  4. Reward Customers with Free Gifts. Who would not love the idea of receiving something for free? The best way to promote your brand easily is by effectively giving away free stuff such as fans, pens, and keychains containing your brand’s name. So that each time they’ll use your gift, they will remember where they got it from.  
  5. Start a Contest On Social Media. Since everyone is on social media, it will be easy for businesses to promote their brand’s presence by developing a contest to foster curiosity. With everyone tunning into the results of the contest, you’ll surely get a constant stream of followers for your company and your brand.
  6. Allow Influencers to Showcase Your Product. Whether local or international, if you happen to know influencers that can help promote your brand. Now just might be the time to connect with them and offer a deal that will both benefit you and that popular friend. 
  7. Stand Out By Being Unique. While others are going with the flow, go the other direction by adding a twist to your brand’s personality. It’s a sure hit when you are able to capture and trigger the interests of the masses with your uniqueness.

There are actually more tips and tricks that you can follow in order to increase your brand awareness. You may share or comment down below for other tips that you’d like to add.

And now that you have a glimpse of what to do in utilizing digital strategies to increase brand awareness. You’re on your way towards boosting your company’s credibility online.

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