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7 Life-Saving Tools to Generate More Blog Titles Right Now

As they say, writers aren’t born naturally, but they are made through constant experience. Louis L’Amour agrees with this as he said, “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”. The smartest blog creators of today do not start from scratch. They actually use blog tools to help them formulate the best content and the most compelling headlines for their readers.

There are actually a lot of blog tools out there that people can use in order to speak out their minds and convert into writing their deepest thoughts. There are even thousands of blogging tips to try out in order to come up with great content for your blogs.

blog tools, blogging tips
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So in order to survive and skip the long and tedious process in blog creation, here are the juicy details about blog tools that can save a writer’s life.

  1. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator 

In order to come up with the best options for your titles and headlines, use this blog tool so that you can see a huge list of choices for your blog’s title. With hundreds of title options appearing at once for you to scroll, you will never worry again about starting your blog with a catchy headline.

  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator 

More than just a title creator for your blog, you can definitely use this tool in order to generate more interesting content ideas that you can talk about for your entire blog. You just have to type in the keyword or subject for your article then click the button for an interesting view on why those generated titles could be the best fit for your blog. 

  • Grammarly 

For both professional and first-time writers, it is better to use a tool that will lead you to use the right grammar and words for your content. Because humans as we are, no matter how perfect our grammar and English may be, there is still room for errors that we may miss while creating our content for each paragraph of our blog.

  • HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator 

When it comes to blogging, the most popular blog tool would probably be HubSpot. The site itself is where we can learn and gather inspirations for our other blogs while the topic generator can greatly help us in finding which topics to discuss next. We just simply need to type in the three keywords, then we’ll have 5 titles to choose from according to the results. 

  • IMPACT’s BlogAbout 

You’ll never know what to expect when it comes to creating a blog. You may have a topic in mind, but it may be difficult to put your thoughts into writing. That is why this blog tool is for you. It helps a lot to add an extra flavor to your ideas by helping you note what words you may use to make your blog stand out.

  • SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator 

Not just your ordinary blog title creator, with this blog tool, you can play and mix around a generic term in which you can use to create a catchy and more focused title. If SEO is not your strength, worry no more as you can generate a title that conforms to the best practices that are being followed by SEO.

  • Plagiarism Detector

Of course, who wants to have their blog become a subject of ridicule when you have lots of similar content from other sources? Surely, no writer would want that. That is why it is best to use this blog tool in order to avoid having legal liabilities from other writers. After you’ve finished your blog, you may simply input your entire content to submit it for checking on the percentage for uniqueness. 

With the help of these blog tools, creating your next masterpiece blog won’t even let you break a sweat. If you happen to know other useful blog tools, you may share it with us or leave your feedback about this article in the comments section. 

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