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5 Ways to Differentiate from the Competition

5 Ways to Differentiate from the Competition

In today’s rapid digital world, keeping up-to-date with the technology and distinguishing yourself from the crowd is no easy feat. Fortunately, with a little creativity and persistence, you can reign over your competition. If you’re looking for tips on how to separate yourself from competition or how to stand out as a business, we’ve compiled these five helpful strategies that you can employ to emphasize the unique nature of what you’re offering, and how your business differs from that of your competitors.

#1. Interact with Your Customer There’s often a perception that, when running a business, we have to be “business like.” While professionalism is (of course) very important, people like personal interactions. Dealing with your customers in a human and approachable way builds trust. They will think fondly of their interaction with your business and will therefore feel much more obliged to patronize your services again in the future.

#2. Implement Video Video goes a long way in giving your customers more of a feel for your business, no matter what it might be. You or other employees can appear in the video to give your business a face—and a voice—and it’s a great opportunity to show your customers how you’re different from the competition. Be sure to feature it prominently on your website!

#3. Create Contests & Giveaways Contests and giveaways are a fantastic way to stand apart if you’re trying to answer the question “What would help in differentiating my business from my competitors?” Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and the excitement and build up you can generate from running a contest—especially if it’s for a big-ticket item—can go a long way in generating a uniquely memorable impression of your business.

#4 Be Known as the Expert If you’re able to position yourself as “the expert” in your field, you will establish authority that is invaluable in attracting and maintaining customers. To demonstrate your knowledge, you might maintain a blog on your own website, write guest blogs for other sites (which you would want to link to from your site), or take other opportunities to show off your expertise, which prospective customers are likely to remember.

#5 Tell Your Story—And Make It Compelling There’s a reason you do what you do. Why did you get into your specific business, and what steps were necessary to get you there? Were you driven by a desire to help people, or to provide a solution to a problem that you had and couldn’t find any existing business serving that specific need? Whatever your story is, customers are likely to appreciate what makes you different—the passion and dedication you bring to your business will help you stand out.

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